Finding STD Treatment

Worried you might have a sexually transmitted disease, but don't know where to get STD treatment? It's probably easiest to go to your own doctor, but if you don't have insurance, or are uncomfortable seeing your regular practitioner, there are certainly other affordable options you can explore. From Planned Parenthood to local std clinics there areĀ  many choices for affordable or free std testing and treatment in your area.

Your Regular Medical Practitioner

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If you have a regular medical practitioner, she should be your first choice for STD care. This is because your practitioner knows your health history and is the best person to choose the right treatment options for you. You probably don't even need to see your gynecologist or urologist. Most regular medical practitioners should be able to test and treat you for the majority of common sexually transmitted diseases. If you have doubts, call the office and ask before scheduling your appointment. If nothing else, they can refer you to an appropriate location for testing.

A Medical Specialist

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Although you can certainly see your regular medical practitioner for STD-related health concerns, some people are more comfortable going to an appropriate specialist. Women, for example, may be more comfortable seeing a gynecologist, nurse midwife, or other women's health practitioner for STD testing and treatment.

Local Health Departments

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Your local health department can be a great resource for STD testing and treatment. Many counties run a free or sliding scale STD clinic for local residents, and they often offer anonymous as well as confidential testing. The best method of finding your local std clinic is either the phone book or doing a search for the name of your county and "health department" in your favorite search engine.


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Many people just think of Planned Parenthood as a place to get contraception. However, Planned Parenthood is an excellent resource for sexually transmitted disease screening and treatment. They see both male and female patients, and prices are scaled to what you can afford.


Public Hospitals

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Many public hospitals run sexually transmitted disease clinics. Instead of going to the Emergency Room, which can be both expensive and time-consuming, call your local hospital to see if they run a specialized STD clinic that you can attend.

Urgent Care Clinics

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Urgent care clinics are a good alternative to the emergency room. They specialize in seeing patients whose symptoms require care faster than they could get a regular appointment with a doctor. If you have health insurance, you can call the insurance company to see if there is a covered urgent care clinic in your area. If you don't, check your phone book for a clinic near you. Visits are normally substantially cheaper than going to the ER, and also often take less time.

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