Finding Treatment for Social Anxiety in Alabama

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Many options for social anxiety treatment exist in Alabama. Getty / Sean Kaufmann

If you live in the state of Alabama and are looking for treatment for social anxiety disorder, a number of options are open to you.


The following therapists are verified by Psychology Today and offer therapy specifically for social anxiety or related concerns.

Erin N Stevens, Ph.D.

Dr. Stevens offers treatment to all age groups (children through adults) through Auburn Psychology Group in Auburn, Alabama.

She offers diagnostic assessment and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for various issues including social anxiety. Dr. Stevens graduated from Northern Ilinois University with a Ph.D. in clinical psychology in 2014.

Dr. Stevens' research is featured at ResearchGate.

Lorne Dann, Ph.D.

Dr. Dann graduated from the University of Alabama in 1984 and has over 20 years of experience as a therapist. Dr. Dann works with clients on a variety of issues including, but not limited to, public speaking anxiety, social anxiety, test anxiety, stage fright, and self esteem. His practice is located in Mountain Brook, Alabama at the Alabama Psychotherapy & Wellness Center.

Bill R. Ferguson, Ph.D.

Dr. Ferguson works with all age ranges, provides psychological evaluations, and uses CBT to address a variety of issues including social skills deficits and social anxiety. Dr. Ferguson also offers services to parents and children using a systems-based approach to help them develop skills and modify behaviors.

Dr. Ferguson earned his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Auburn University, and works at Auburn Psychology Group.

Ashley Jordan, MSW, LCSW, PIP

Ashley Jordan is a licensed clinical social worker in independent private practice in Auburn Alabama. Ashley completed her education at Auburn University and Florida State University and has over 10 years of practical experience.

At Perspective Counseling in Auburn, she offers an anxiety support group for girls aged 14 to 18. In particular those in the group struggle with social anxiety, perfectionism, and needing to please others.

Treatment Centers

The following treatment centers offer counseling for social anxiety disorder.

Covenant Counseling and Education Center

Covenant Counseling and Education Center has locations in Birmingham and Chelsea, Alabama and offers treatment such as cognitive behavioral therapy for a wide range of issues including social anxiety. The Center also offers vocational and career counseling, which may be of assistance for individuals whose career choices have been affected by social anxiety.

Birmingham Anxiety and Trauma Therapy

Birmingham Anxiety and Trauma Therapy center offers counseling for social anxiety disorder as well as the experience of trauma. This center may be particularly suited to individuals whose social anxiety is tied to previous traumatic experiences.

Hill Crest Behavioral Health Services

Hill Crest Behavioral Health Services is a full-service psychiatric hospital in the Birmingham area that serves children, adolescents and adults suffering with mental illness, and emotional and behavioral issues.

Assessments are completed at no cost by a mental health professional and admission is completed on the basis of clinical need.


Mountainview Hospital

Services of this hospital in Gadsden, Alabama include psychiatric diagnosis and assessment, medication management, and family and individual therapy.

Alabama Department of Mental Health

The Alabama Department of Mental Health offers treatment for mental illness through Bryce Hospital in Tuscaloosa, Greil Memorial Psychiatric Hospital in Montgomery, Mary Starke Harper Geriatric Psychiatry Center in Tuscaloosa, North Alabama Regional Hospital in Decatur, Searcy Hospital in Mount Vernon, and Taylor Hardin Secure Medical Facility in Tuscaloosa.


University of Alabama Center for Psychiatric Medicine

The University of Alabama Center for Psychiatric Medicine offers treatment services in Birmingham.

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