Finding Treatment for Social Anxiety in Alaska

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Access to mental health services in Alaska is difficult for some. Getty / James + Courtney Forte

While some areas of Alaska have limited access to mental health services, advances are being made in the level of access, especially for native communities living in rural villages. Below are some options for accessing help for social anxiety disorder in Alaska.


I've gone to the trouble of scouring the Psychology Today therapist directory and hand-picking those individuals who offer treatment specifically for social anxiety disorder.

Each of these therapists has been verified by the Psychology Today website.

Transitional Counseling LLC (Lucy Mahan, LPCS, CDC)

Licensed professional counselor Lucy Mahan was born and raised in Alaska and takes a holistic approach to counseling using therapies such as relaxation, aroma, art, and cognitive. Transitional Counseling has two locations in Anchorage and Homer. Mahan treats social anxiety disorder using role playing, public speaking exercises, and relaxation techniques to build confidence. She has five years of experience and is a graduate of Alaska Pacific University.

Treatment Centers

Counseling Solutions of Alaska

Counseling Solutions of Alaska is an independent counseling and psychiatric clinic located in Anchorage, Alaska. The center is owned and operated by a group of mental health professionals who provide a broad range of assessment and treatment services for children and adults.

Social skills training and assessment and treatment of anxiety are offered by this center.


Providence Alaska Medical Center

The mental health unit at Providence Alaska Medical Center offers treatment for anxiety. All programs are lead by physicians who treat the whole individual, including physical, spiritual, psychological, and social needs.

Providence has multiple locations across Alaska.

South Peninsula Hospital

South Peninsula Hospital in Homer, Alaska has one board-certified staff psychiatrist.

Bartlett Regional Hospital

Bartlett Regional Hospital in Juneau, Alaska houses a mental health unit offering both inpatient and outpatient services. New patients receive assessment and evaluation by a physician or qualified mental health professional. Outpatient services are offered through the Rainforest Activity Center and include help with stress reduction and other emotional health issues. The unit also offers group therapy as appropriate.


Department of Psychology Clinic, University of Alaska Fairbanks

The UAF Department of Psychology Clinic is a mental health facility offering treatment to Fairbanks, Alaska residents and those in surrounding areas. Treatment is provided by doctoral-level student therapists supervised by a licensed psychologist. One purpose of the clinic is to increase access to mental health care for those on waiting lists and who cannot afford to pay for treatment.

Treatment is available to adults 18 and over from the general community.

Individuals residing in Alaska are at a disadvantage when it comes to accessing mental health services—particularly those living in rural Alaskan villages.

To address this need, the primary goal of the ANPsych program at the University of Alaska Fairbanks is to increase the number of Alaska Native and American Indian psychologists and behavioral health professionals. Native students interested in pursuing a career in psychology can receive support in many different forms such as through scholarships, training, and cultural events.

Programs such as ANPsych will increase the availability of mental health services for social anxiety disorder and other mental health concerns throughout hard-to-reach areas of Alaska.


American Psychological Association. A Mental Health Pipeline in Alaska. Accessed September 29, 2015.

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