Finding Treatment for Social Anxiety in Arizona

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Arizona has many treatment options for social anxiety disorder. Getty / Erik Avent

Individuals living in Arizona will be pleased with the number of treatment options available. In addition to several therapists who specifically offer treatment for SAD, Arizona is also the home to the Social Anxiety Institute, a virtual treasure trove of help for sufferers. In addition, hospitals and universities in the state offer options as well.


Each of these Arizona therapists has been verified by the Psychology Today website and offers treatment specifically for social anxiety disorder in addition to other mental health issues.

Michael Sulkowski PhD

Located in Tucson, Arizona, psychologist Michael L. Sulkowski uses evidence-based treatment for social anxiety disorder along with many other mental health issues. Dr. Sulkowski has three years of experience offering cognitive-behavior therapy and other treatments and prefers including parents and partners in therapy to ensure success is maintained outside of treatment. In addition to being a psychologist, Dr. Sulkowski is also an assistant professor in the school psychology program at the University of Arizona.

Timothy M. Tays, PhD

Licensed clinical psychologist Timothy M. Tays has a practice in Scottsdale, Arizona and offers an integrated approach combining CBT with interpersonal psychodynamic therapy to treat social anxiety and other issues, including impression management (changing who you are to suit others). Tays writes that he is empathetic and thoughtful during therapy because his "clients don't care how much I know until they know how much I care." He works to empower clients to maintain gains after the end of treatment.

Ira J. Dressner PhD

Clinical social worker/therapist Ira J. Dressner offers group therapy for social anxiety disorder in Phoenix, Arizona. The group started in August 2015 for people aged 18 to 35 who are having difficulties with social connections. Dr. Dressner was trained at New York University.

Treatment Centers

Social Anxiety Institute

If you live in Arizona you are in luck! This state is home to the Social Anxiety Institute, founded by Thomas Richards, PhD, who overcame his own social anxiety and went on to help others with the same problem. The institute offers extended group treatment that people fly from around the world to receive. In addition, their website has various resources for purchase that can help those interested in pursuing self-help options.

LifeWorks AZ

Licensed professional counselor David R. Abrams, MAPC, LPC, CAGS takes a strengths-based approach to therapy in his private practice in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tempe. David uses CBT to treat social anxiety disorder, and may use play and art therapy when working with children.

Randy Weiss Therapy

Licensed clinical social worker Randy Weiss uses CBT and exposure therapy in the treatment of social anxiety disorder.


The Mayo Clinic

The Mayo Clinic has a location in Phoenix, Arizona that accepts clients. The Arizona center has one psychiatrist and one psychologist on staff who specialize in anxiety disorders.

St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center

St. Joseph's Behavioral Health Psychiatry for a wide range of mental health issues in Phoenix.


The University of Arizona

Serving students in Tucson, the University of Arizona Campus Health offers services for a variety of mental health issues. In addition, the center offers a text anxiety workshop to help students who freeze while taking examinations. As text anxiety can be a variant of social anxiety, this may be helpful to some who have SAD.

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