First Aid in the Garden

Tips to Keep Green Thumbs Green, and Not Red

woman gardening
Keep it safe and gardening can be fun. Kathrin Ziegler/Getty Images

Gardening can be relaxing and fun - until you lose a finger. These gardening first aid tips are essential for keeping your gardening habit soothing.

Keep a First Aid Kit

Fieldtex First Aid Kit
Fieldtex First Aid Kit. Image courtesy of Fieldtex

Make sure you have a well-stocked first aid kit for those easy to treat home injuries.

Don't Get Too Much Sun

Hot sun in Texas
Too much sun is never good. (c) jetsandzeppelins

Spending time in the garden often means spending time in the sun. Make sure you stay hydrated and don't spend too much time under the hottest sun.

Handle Pesticides Carefully

man spraying garden
Better living through chemicals. Huntstock/Getty Images

Follow the directions and cautions when using pesticides. Make sure you have the number to Poison Control handy.

Pay Attention to Allergies

Even the most basic allergy can lead to anaphylaxis. Sollina Images/Getty Images

Anaphylaxis is what happens when allergies turn serious. If your allergy starts making it hard for you to breath, don't wait to seek medical treatment.

Be Prepared for Bugs

I don't know what it is, but I wouldn't want to make it mad. I love nature/Getty Images

Bug bites are hard to identify. Treatment is usually supportive and entails a lot of waiting for the pain and itching to go away. The best bet is to avoid them.

Avoid Bee Stings

bees on a flower
Pretty. Yeah, pretty deadly. Harold Lloyd/Getty Images

Bees are special in the bug world. They leave their stingers behind. Remove stingers quickly; pull it out as soon as you feel it - don't fumble through your wallet for a credit card to scrape it off.

Watch Out for Snakes

They don't always rattle before they strike...just sayin'.

Be careful if snakes live in your neighborhood. Snake bites usually need medical treatment - don't bother with those drugstore snake bite kits.

Use Ladders Safely

ladder into tree
Just because you're on a ladder, doesn't mean you should climb trees. Nikki Bidgood/Getty Images

Getting on a ladder in the back yard seems pretty benign, but ladder accidents can lead to some nasty falls. Use your ladders carefully.

Avoid Poisonous Plants

poison ivy
Poison ivy grows nearly everywhere in the US except California, Hawaii and Alaska. (c) flickr user Cygnus921

About's Landscaping Expert imparts a little treatment wisdom for the most annoying plant in history.

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