First Aid Tools

Preparing Yourself for Emergencies with Training and Kits

First aid kit
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The best first aid happens before the emergency even occurs. Being prepared with proper training and a good first aid kit is the most important step in first aid. These tools will help prepare you.

First Aid Kits and Supplies

A good first aid kit needs some essential items to cover the basics. These will help you get started.

  • Tour a First Aid Kit
    Take a tour through a first aid kit. Pictures of the most common items you'll find with descriptions of how you might use each one.

Not every victim is a close family member. Carry the proper tools to protect yourself from infection.

First Aid and CPR Training

Do your homework before you go to class. Prepare yourself for training with the right tools and a little research.

Being Prepared for Any Emergency

Some good things to know before a medical emergency strikes.

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