First Response Pregnancy Test Kits

First Response Pregnancy Test
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The Bottom Line

This is a great home pregnancy test kit for speed, accuracy, and value. It also has great name recognition.


  • Early results.
  • Easy to use.
  • Accurate.


  • Design feels flimsy.


  • This test allows you to test four days before any other test, three days before your period is due.
  • Instructions come in English and Spanish, including photographs.
  • No messy mixing, just a cap to cover the absorbent tip.

    Guide Review - First Response Pregnancy Test Kits

    We set out to test five different pregnancy tests. This one was actually see-through, so we felt it was a bit more flimsy, but the benefit of that was that you could actually watch the urine run through the entire test kit. This gave us confidence that the kit was working. We also got a positive at 70 seconds, with someone who was 5 weeks, 0 days pregnant. The cost was actually fairly low for pregnancy tests. We were able to buy three tests for less than the cost of one or two others, making it the most affordable test kit, particularly if you test more than once.

    The First Response Pregnancy Test will be a good bargain for anyone who wants the least amount of money without going to the more flimsy feeling simple test strips. Many of these tests will come in multiple packs. First Response does a great job of framing that second test as the confirmation test, because a positive pregnancy test is a pretty sure thing.

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