First Year Checklist for Twins

A Checklist of 14 Must-Have Items for Baby Twins

Wondering about the essentials that every twin mom needs? Amber Padilla, a mom of one-year-old twin boys, compiled this list of recommendations for must-have products that help parents manage with baby twins. Click the links for more details. 

Zip Up Jammies

Zip Up Jammies for Twins. Photo courtesy of

I recommend a total of 20-30 pairs of zip up pajamas, just so you are not having to do laundry every other day. Stock up on lots of receiving blankets also. 

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Formula Dispenser

Formula Dispenser. Photo courtesy of

If bottle feeding, a formula dispenser is a total lifesaver in all regards. We had two, one for each baby. We also had a bottle warmer, which was a great investment as well.

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Rock-n-Play Infant Seats

Fisher-Price Rock 'n' Play. Photo courtesy of

Rock-N-Play infant seats are inexpensive, portable, and compact. 

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Space Saver High Chairs

Fisher-Price Space Saver High Chair. Photo courtesy of

Consider these seats as an alternative to full-size high chairs to save space in your kitchen -- and money, too. 

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A Tip About Breast Pumps

Planning to breastfeed? Check out this tip before you shell out big bucks for a breast pump. 

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Birth Certificates

Do you have your babies' birth certificates? They're your golden ticket to freebies, coupons and discounts for multiples! Find out how.

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Car Seat Canopy

Accessorize your car seats. 

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Buggy Bench

Get the Buggy Bench. If you get nothing else, get this product. It makes grocery shopping so easy. 

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Car Seat Cushion

Save your forearms from bruising when you carry two car seats. 

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Double Strollers

Baby Trend Snap-N-Go Double Stroller Travel System
Baby Trend Snap-N-Go Double Stroller Travel System. Photo courtesy of

What's the must-have double stroller for twins? Here's a hint: it's not just one!

More Info: Amber's recommendations on double strollers

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High Quality Baby Carrier

Spend some money and save your back. 

More Info: Baby Carriers for Twins

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Frozen Bagels

Ok, so this one isn't really an "essential" but this worked WONDERS for my boys when they were teething

More Info: Teething Tip

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Help your twins feel better by keeping these on hand.

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Last but not least: exersaucers/entertainers, at least two.

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Meet Amber!

Amber Padilla and her family. Photo reprinted with permission of Amber Padilla

Amber Padilla is a Mom to one-year-old twins, Zac and Rome, and big brother Kai. Before becoming a mother, she worked in the communications industry with a focus on small businesses. She and her family live in Denver, CO.  After seeing that a lot of new mothers wonder about the "essentials" that every twin mom needs, she put together this list of what got her through the first year with her boys. "These things really made my first year with my boys go smoothly, but of course these are just suggestions. I'd love to hear what all of your essentials were." (What got you through the first year? Submit your recommendations.)

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