First Year Essentials for Twins

Meet Amber!

Amber Padilla and her family. Photo reprinted with permission of Amber Padilla

Amber Padilla is a Mom to one-year-old twins, Zac and Rome, and big brother Kai. Before becoming a mother, she worked in the communications industry with a focus on small businesses. She and her family live in Denver, CO.  

After seeing that a lot of new mothers wonder about the "essentials" that every twin mom needs, she put together this list of what got her through the first year with her boys. "These things really made my first year with my boys go smoothly, but of course these are just suggestions. I'd love to hear what all of your essentials were."

Zip Up Jammies

Zip Up Jammies for Twins. Photo courtesy of

Amber Recommends: Stock up on pajamas that zip. You don't want to be fussing with buttons at 3 am when you've had two hours of sleep collectively that week. I recommend a total of 20-30 pairs of zip up pajamas, just so you are not having to do laundry every other day. Stock up on lots of receiving blankets also. Our boys had some reflux and generally spit up all the time, so having a ton of those handy was awesome.

Formula Dispenser

Formula Dispenser. Photo courtesy of

Amber Recommends: If bottle feeding, a formula dispenser is a total lifesaver in all regards. We had two, one for each baby. We also had a bottle warmer, which was a great investment as well.

More Info: With a formula dispenser, you can measure and prepare formula for bottles in advance, and then store it in a sealed and secure container. Dispense just the amount you need for each bottle when your babies are ready to eat. You can also use an electronic version which automatically dispenses a pre-set amount of formula into a bottle.


Fisher-Price Rock 'n' Play. Photo courtesy of

Amber Recommends: They are inexpensive, so portable, and compact. (We fit both in the trunk of my Chevy Malibu often, along with our Snap-n-Go double stroller). We brought and used them EVERYWHERE: at Grandma's, BBQ's, Thanksgiving, bedtime...Also great when you need to shower/get ready. Before the babies could sit up, I absolutely relied on those for nearly everything.

Space Saver High Chairs

Fisher-Price Space Saver High Chair. Photo courtesy of

Amber Recommends: We have a fairly large dining area, but I could not imagine having two full size high chairs in there. The space savers are only about $50 each and sit right on your kitchen chairs. They also convert to a booster later, so another $$ saver down the line. 

Shop: Take a look at the Fisher-Price Space Saver high chairs.​

Double Stroller(s)

Baby Trend Snap-N-Go Double Stroller Travel System
Baby Trend Snap-N-Go Double Stroller Travel System. Photo courtesy of

Amber Recommends: Get the Double Snap N Go stroller for use with the infant seats, a full-size double stroller for visits to parks/zoo, and a small umbrella double stroller for short errands/mall. We got all of our strollers from Craig's List and probably only spent $150 between the three.

More Info: 

A Tip About Breast Pumps

Breast Pump. Photographer's Choice / Getty Images

Amber Recommends: If you plan to breastfeed your twins, check with your insurance. Some plans have an option that provides a breast pump for you. I did not know this until I was already at the hospital, so before you shell out big $$, check with them first.

More Info: Check out this list of the Top 9 Electric Breast Pumps.

Get Those Birth Certificates!

12 month old fraternal twins, Jennifer and Jessica
12 month old fraternal twins, Jennifer and Jessica. Reprinted with permission of Chantal Samaha.

Amber Recommends: As soon as you have your birth certificates for your babies, get in touch with all the formula/baby companies. Nearly all of them will give you free gifts (or discounts) for being a mother of multiples.

Save: Click here for info on diaper coupons. You can also get coupons for baby food from Beech Nut and Gerber. Little Me offers a free clothing gift. Try this link for more offers.

Medications for Babies

Amber Recommends: I always kept some sort of gas/tummy relief on hand at all times, as well as infant acetaminophen. When the babies were fussing, I could soothe them, and it was safe to give after every feeding. Also, keeping the acetaminophen handy is great since it's murphy's law that a baby will get sick at 2 am, in a blizzard, and when you make it there, the store will be out of medicine…

A Tip for Teething Twins

Teething Twins. Altrendo / Getty Images

Amber Recommends: Ok, so this one isn't really an "essential" but this worked WONDERS for my boys when they were teething. Give them frozen bagels to gnaw on!

Car Seats and Carriers

Twin Car Seats. Brand X Images / Getty Images

Carrying two infants in car seats can be tricky … consider these accessories to make things easier.

Amber Recommends: Car Seat Canopy: This is a blanket that hooks to your infant car seat.

More Info: Available from These soft mid-weight blankets attach to infant car seat carriers with adjustable straps. Available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, they can be customized with embroidery so you can tell "who's who."

Car Seat Arm Cushions: You will love these car seat cushions from JJ Cole, especially when you have to carry two infant seats at once. It'll save you some bruises on your forearms!

High Quality Baby Carrier

Twins in Baby Carriers. Getty Images

Amber Recommends: This is where you should spend some money if you plan to use it often. The cheaper ones don't offer as much support, and when your babies start to get some weight on them, it will kill your back. If you don't have a partner or plan to use it a lot alone, Amazon sells a double carrier for about $100.

Buggy Bench

Twins Baylee and Kaylee. Photo reprinted with permission of superman4.

How do you manage shopping with two babies?

Amber Recommends: the Buggy Bench. If you get nothing else, get this product. You won't be able to use it until your kiddos are about 6 months, but I LOVE mine. It makes grocery shopping so easy. 

Shop: Check out the Buggy Bench at . It was invented by a mom of twins to help keep her little ones safe and contained while shopping.


Evenflo Exersaucer. Photo courtesy of

Amber Recommends:  Last but not least, exersaucers/entertainers, at least two. We put our boys in them starting when they were around  four months old, and they LOVED them. It gives you 15 minutes to get dinner ready, grab a shower, whatever.

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