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FitDay is a great choice for tracking your weight loss, diet and exercise goals. The site is easy to navigate, the diet and exercise tools are a breeze to use and the diet/exercise analysis gives you a clear picture of what's going in and what's going out.

I love that you can track everything - Your weight, measurements, and mood, and you can even keep a daily journal and see a calendar of your completed workouts.

The ads in the free version can be intrusive, but the reports are comprehensive, showing your progress in a variety of ways and giving you the big picture of how close you are to your goals.


  • Price: Free/Premium Membership - $5.95 per month
  • A daily calorie count of what you've burned or eaten
  • A nutrition database that includes thousands of foods
  • A diet analysis that shows a breakdown of carbs, fat and protein
  • The ability to set and track weight loss goals
  • An exercise database for entering your workouts and seeing how many calories you're burning each day
  • The ability to track your diet, exercise, mood and measurements
  • View reports on your progress on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
  • A calendar that shows the workouts you've completed

The premium version includes even more features including no advertising, Custom Tracking, advanced reports and more. This is an amazing amount of features for any website, especially one offering a free membership and I love how easy it is to use.

I don't have to hunt around for every little thing, it's all very organized and accessible.


  • Easy to Use - Sign up is a breeze and the interface is easy to understand. You don't have to search around for instructions, you simply sign up and you're immediately taken to the diet page where you can start entering your foods.
  • Extensive Food Database - The food database contains thousands of foods as well as nutrition labels that list the details of each food you enter into your log. You can also add your own foods to the database.
  • Detailed Analysis - The standouts at FitDay are the charts and graphs analyzing different aspects of your diet. As you add more foods, you see the breakdown of fat, protein, carbs and alcohol and you can switch views to see a breakdown of vitamins and minerals, calories eaten vs. calories burned or a summary of your nutritional goals, which you set yourself.
  • Multiple Tracking Options - I also like having the ability to track workouts, weight, mood, measurements and even a calendar of your workouts. There are a variety of reports on diet and exercise allowing you to see your progress on a daily basis.


It's hard to find many complaints about FitDay because it's comprehensive, easy to use and, of course free. The only complaint I do have are the ads, which show up at the top of the page and in the middle. They can be intrusive and it's sometimes hard to figure out which links are ads and which ones belong to the site. I also didn't find some of my foods in the database and it's easy to add your own, but it gets a little tedious.

These are minor quibbles for what, in the end, is a great website.

Overall, FitDay is a great choice for tracking your diet, exercise, and weight loss goals.

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