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Fitivities game
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If you're looking for a way to shake up your family game night, Fitivities might be the answer. This game is fast-paced and gets all players up and moving for a fun burst of physical activity. Play solo or as a team, indoors or out.

Fitivities - Pros and Cons


  • Instructions are easy to follow
  • All game parts including box are sturdy and colorful
  • Game play is fast (10-30 minutes)
  • Physical activity is central to game play


    • Some activities feel more fitness, less fun
    • Requires a large space for game play
    • Play time can feel too short

    Fitivities - How to Play

    I tested this game with my 9- and 12-year-old kids (it is recommended for ages 6 and up). We opted to play indoors but you could easily bring this game outside. In fact, a spacious grassy area or empty room would work better than your living room or kitchen. The game board is actually a large vinyl mat, measuring about 3 feet by 4 feet. It's not necessary to place it on the floor to play; any flat surface works, as long as you have one that's big enough.

    Each player or team of players needs a home base away from the mat, an area that is big enough for them to perform fitness activities. These bases should be about equally distant from the mat, which is why a lawn, gym, or large playroom is the best place to play Fitivities.

    There is no waiting around for your turn in this game.

    Everyone plays simultaneously, which helps keep sedentary time to a minimum. To play, you must roll a die and move your marker (an adorable foam sneaker) around the mat on a path of squares. The squares list 20 different fitness activities, such as knee raises, jumping jacks, and shadow boxing.

    Once you land on an activity on the mat, you return to your home base and spin a spinner.

    The results tell you how many repetitions you must do of the given activity. Your spinner may also add an instruction for movement on the mat, like "Advance one space and complete 12 repetitions." When you complete your reps, return to the mat and roll the die to move again. Whichever player or team first completes a lap around the mat is the winner.

    Fitivities - Review

    I liked this game's high energy and the variety of fitness activities it included, from familiar moves like squats to lesser known ones like "grasshopper" and "can-can crab." My testers and I felt that it would be the most fun in a large ​group, so that everyone can play on a team. It's more enjoyable to do the activities with friends rather than off on your own. If you play solo, you're at your home base—not gathered around the mat—when you do the activities.

    We also felt that the game play was short. With only 20 stops, one lap around the mat could be accomplished in just four rolls of the die, and then the game is over. To resolve this, you could plan to play until all teams complete a lap, or to play multiple rounds of the game.

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    Disclosure: A review copy was provided by the publisher.

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