Healthy Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day gifts for a healthy mom

Mother's Day Gift Ideas
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Need a few Mother's Day gifts for the lady in your life? Or perhaps you're a mom who wants to drop a gift hint to her loved ones. Either way, you'll like these unique, budget-friendly Mother's Day gifts ideas that are both creative and luxurious. And the best part is that each gift will support a healthy, fitness-inspired life.

Books that support wellness

The Self-Care Solution
She Writes Press

If Mom is a reader, fill her bookshelf with books that support her commitment to good health and wellness. Need a suggestion? Consider The Self-Care Solution: A Modern Mother’s Must-Have Guide to Health and Well-Being.

In the book, author Julie Burton guides her readers through reflective, self-assessment questions and offers practical strategies to help busy women stay balanced and healthy. 

If Mom is not a reader, consider giving her an exercise DVD or a subscription to an online workout service so that she can exercise on her own time in the comfort of her own home.

Massaging foam roller

foam roller to massage sore muscles
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Mom probably doesn't have time to get a massage very often. But if her muscles are sore from exercise, driving carpool or cooking three healthy meals each day, she can use a massaging foam roller to relax and promote wellness.

This lightweight exercise tool is easy to use at home and requires no special training. You'll find a foam roller in sporting goods stores for under $25 or you can buy one online for about the same price. More expensive models have trigger points on the roller surface to provide a deeper, more therapeutic massage. 

Smartwatch for tracking health

Fitbit Blaze Plum

Does the lady in your life have an activity monitor? Maybe it's time for Mom to upgrade her old school pedometer or fitness tracker to a tech-savvy smartwatch? A smartwatch provides exercise data like heart rate, daily steps and calories burned, but also gives her on-the-go access to email notifications, text messages and even Facebook updates.

The Fitbit Blaze is a smart upgrade if Mom is already used to using Fitbit tools and trackers. The new watch-style band looks elegant with office attire but is durable enough to handle workouts. The band comes in black, blue or plum and sells for 199.95. Additional band styles (leather and metal link) may be purchased for $99.95 and $129.95

If she's a Microsoft user, she'll love the less expensive Microsoft Band 2. The comfy band is GPS-enabled to provide detailed information like pace and distance when she walks or runs. And you can customize the tiles on the band just like you would on your phone. You can get daily news updates, weather forecasts, and you can even use the band to buy a low-calorie coffee at Starbucks. The Microsoft Band 2 comes in three sizes. Both the color and style can be changed daily by using the smartphone app. It sells for $174.99.

Diet-friendly dinnerware

portion control plates
The Celebrate Collection of portion control plates by livliga. livliga

If Mom is trying to eat diet-friendly meals or control portion sizes, then she will love portion control plates and serving dishes. Beautifully designed sets make it easy to eat the right amount of food. Brands like Livliga dinnerware and Meal-Trax sell plates, bowls, and glasses with etchings or designs that display the right amount of food to eat. 

But don't worry,  these don't look like "diet plates," they simply look like beautifully crafted dinnerware.  There are even wine and drink glasses that provide indicators to help you pour just a single serving of wine or your favorite beverage. 

Healthy lunch kit

portion control lunch kit

If Mom eats her lunch at the office or on-the-go, she'll enjoy an insulated lunch kit. These practical portion-controlled serving containers nest neatly together so she can take her healthy meal with her wherever she goes. 

Bentology makes lunch kits for kids, adults, healthy eaters, dieters and all sorts of eaters. Kits come in a wide range of styles and sizes. Their Portion Perfect kits are designed so that you always eat the right amount of food. They even come with a set of instructions for healthy weight loss.  Prices for kits range from about $25 - $40.  

Pretty lips and nails

Mothers Day gift ideas
Butter London

Not every mom is comfortable with gifts that focus on diet and exercise. Even if she is trying to lose weight, she may not appreciate the nudge - even if it is well-intentioned. So how do you stay out of the doghouse, but still support her health-based goals? Give her a gift that makes her feel pretty and special at any size. 

Small gifts like nail lacquer or lip gloss are great "stocking stuffers" that can make any woman look and feel lovely.  You'll find fresh spring colors at your local drugstore or online. Buy a few and assemble them in a decorated gift bag. Or find gift sets from luxury brands like butter LONDON (pictured) that are already put together.

Smart activewear

mother's day gift idea
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If Mom is super busy during the day, she may not have time to change into dedicated workout attire for her exercise session. But she can still squeeze in a calorie-burning session if she is wearing active separates that function well during a workout and throughout non-exercise activities.

Tech apparel by RYU is great for the gym and still looks great at the grocery store, at PTA meetings or even at a casual lunch with coworkers.  The Teclayer Everywhere Pant, for example, is designed to go everywhere. RYU is available online, but you'll find other active casual styles at retails stores like Athleta, lucy and lululemon.

Shoes to boost step count

shoes to increase step count
Ryka, Therafit, Lifestride

If Mom is trying to reach (or exceed) her healthy 10,000 steps per day, then she needs comfy exercise shoes and comfy shoes to wear during her non-exercise hours.

There are several brands that offer exercise and casual shoes designed specifically for a woman's foot. Ryka (bottom center) has innovative shoe styles for walking, water sports, hiking and everyday activities. And Therafit (top right) offers fun walking shoes in floral patterns, sandals and flats that will keep Mom's feet happy when she's running errands or strolling with friends. If Mom likes a heel for festive occasions, then try Lifestride (top left) styles that feature SoftSystem insoles to make walking in heels much more comfy.

If you're not sure what kind of shoe is best for Mom's foot, get her a gift certificate to a local walking or running store. Shoe experts at these stores can evaluate her gait, her exercise habits and her foot anatomy to find her the best shoe.

Disclosure: Some review samples for this gift guide were provided by manufacturers.

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