Healthy Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Healthy Mother's Day Gifts

Mother's Day Gift Ideas
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Need a few Mother's Day gifts for the lady in your life? Or perhaps you're a mom who wants to drop a gift hint to her loved ones. Either way, you'll like these unique, budget-friendly Mother's Day gifts ideas that are both creative and luxurious. And the best part is that each gift will support a healthy, fitness-inspired life.

A Fitness Tracker for Better Sleep

Fitbit Alta HR

A stylish fitness tracker makes a great gift for any mom who wants to live a healthier life. If the lady in your life is trying to lose weight she'll appreciate it even more. But if you she simply wants to sleep better at night (and what mom doesn't want to feel more rested?) she will love one of Fitbit's new wristbands that track sleep stages.

The Fitbit Alta HR (pictured, $149.95), Fitbit Charge 2 ($149.95) Fitbit Blaze (199.95) and Fitbit Ionic measure nighttime activity and provide a complete sleep profile on your dashboard. You can use the information to make changes to your night time rituals and get a better night's sleep. When mom sleeps better it becomes easier to stay active during the day and make smarter food choices.

Massaging Foam Roller

foam roller to massage sore muscles
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Mom probably doesn't have time to get a massage very often. But if her muscles are sore from exercise, driving carpool or cooking three healthy meals each day, she can use a massaging foam roller to relax and promote wellness.

This lightweight exercise tool is easy to use at home and requires no special training. You'll find a foam roller in sporting goods stores for under $25 or you can buy one online for about the same price. More expensive models have trigger points on the roller surface to provide a deeper, more therapeutic massage. 

If mom struggles with sore feet at the end of the day or wants to improve balance or posture, consider getting her a Naboso Training Mat designed by Dr. Emily Splichal. The mat (about the size of a yoga mat) is designed to stimulate small nerve proprioceptors in the bottom of the feet and palms of the hands to boost stability and foot health.

Diet-friendly Dinnerware

portion control plates
The Celebrate Collection of portion control plates by livliga. livliga

If Mom is trying to eat diet-friendly meals or control portion sizes, then she will love portion control plates and serving dishes. Beautifully designed sets make it easy to eat the right amount of food. Brands like Livliga dinnerware and Meal-Trax sell plates, bowls, and glasses with etchings or designs that display the right amount of food to eat. 

But don't worry,  these don't look like "diet plates," they simply look like beautifully crafted dinnerware.  There are even wine and drink glasses that provide indicators to help you pour just a single serving of wine or your favorite beverage. 

Smart Activewear

Rumi X active wear
Rumi X

If Mom is super busy during the day, she may not have time to change into dedicated workout attire for her exercise session. But she can still squeeze in a calorie-burning session if she is wearing active separates that function well during a workout and throughout non-exercise activities.

Activewear by eco-friendly brand Rumi X features fun colors and flattering designs. And the clothing is made from recycled bottles, so Mom can feel good wearing it at the gym or out running errands. 

You'll also find other active casual styles at retails stores like Athleta, lucy and lululemon.

Gym Bag Essentials

Bionic Gold Pro
Bio Ionic

If the lady in your life often has to squeeze in a workout before a long day at the office or if she usually goes from the gym to extracurricular activities for the kids, then she'll appreciate a few gym bag essentials to help her freshen up after exercise.

Need ideas? Consider the the Bio Ionic GoldPro Travel Dryer (pictured). The lightweight dryer folds for easy storage and its ceramic mineral complex ensures superior hydration, condition and shine. As a bonus, it comes in a tidy travel bag with a compact hairbrush.

Sparkling Water System


SodaStream makes drinking water more delicious and more fun, no matter what kind of water Mom likes to drink. The system is easy to use and can not only help the family save money, but can also encourage everyone to drink more water (instead of high-calorie, high-cost sugary sodas). 

The water systems are available in different styles and at different price points. You can choose to add drink mixes, fruit drops, or infusions as well.

Smart Scale to Measure Body Fat

Fitbit Aria 2. Fitbit

Although a bathroom scale can be a tricky purchase, a fitness-savvy mom may appreciate a smart scale that pairs with her fitness tracker. If the lady in your life asks for a scale or is tracking her weight loss progress then the investment might be worth it.

The Fitbit Aria 2 scale (shown) is the perfect option if mom wears a Fitbit.  The wifi-enabled device tracks BMI, lean mass and body fat percent and syncs the data to the Fitbit dashboard. There are also less expensive body fat scales made by other brands. The Polar Balance scale ($99.95) pairs with their fitness trackers and comes in two colors. You'll also see scales made by brands like Taylor at your local fitness or discount store.

Shoes to Boost Step Count

Ryka, Bearpaw, OOFOS
Ryka, Bearpaw, OOFOS

If Mom is trying to reach (or exceed) her healthy 10,000 steps per day, then she needs comfy exercise shoes and comfy shoes to wear during her non-exercise hours.

There are several brands that offer exercise and casual shoes designed specifically for a woman's foot. Ryka (bottom right) has innovative shoe styles for walking, water sports, hiking and everyday activities. And Bearpaw (middle left) offers fun comfortables shoes that will keep Mom's feet happy when she's running errands or strolling with friends. If Mom needs a shoe to relax her feet after a workout, check out OOFOS recovery shoes (like the OOmg pictured top right) that are designed to alleviate foot soreness and keep her feet healthy.

If you're not sure what kind of shoe is best for Mom's foot, get her a gift certificate to a local walking or running store. Shoe experts at these stores can evaluate her gait, her exercise habits and her foot anatomy to find her the best shoe.

Disclosure: Some review samples for this gift guide were provided by manufacturers.