5 Fitness Balance Tools You've Never Heard Of

Always a Balancing Act

Strongboard Balance

Like an Aerobic Step - But Better. Strongboard Balance

Balance training - an essential component of coordination and overall fitness - isn't as hard as you might think. In fact, any exercise where your body is forced to change its center of gravity can help to improve proprioception and overall balance with time. For instance, lunges, single-leg deadlifts, and plyometric exercises all enhance balance and can be performed during a traditional strength training workout.

That said, there are lots of tools on the market designed to make balance training more difficult and fun. Many of these tools, including the stability ball and BOSU ball, are staples at gyms across the country, but there are many other, less-known options worth a closer look. 

The Strongboard Balance is an incredibly versatile, albeit a little intimidating, workout tool.

The Strongboard's solid base and flat top make it an effective tool for practically any exercise, including pushups, step ups, and squats. And while the springs require 360-degree stabilization, you don't have to worry about rolling off the edge of the board... unlike some of the other items on this list.

Additional Use: Could stand in as a workplace fitness tool - use it as a platform when using a standing desk

Cost: $250 at Power Systems

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Indo Board

Rollin' Away. Indo Board

The Indo Board has been around for awhile, but it's still on the fringes of balance training.


That's because the Indo Board is one of the harder balance tools to master... especially when using the roller. The board itself is very simple - just a platform placed atop either a balance disc or a cylindrical roller. The trick is there aren't bumpers on the bottom of the board, so it's possible to roll the board right off the roller, leading to a crash landing. While it may not be appropriate for the novice, it's a great tool for athletes - particularly those who participate in board sports.

Additional Use: When used atop the balance disc, it's possible to do other exercises, such as squats or pushups, to enhance its versatility.

Cost: Original package costs $190 at Indo Board

There are also Indo Yoga Boards produced by the same company. These larger boards are designed to mimic Stand Up Paddle boards and are large enough for you to do yoga poses on them. 

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Riding a Wave. Goofboard

If you're looking for a life-like surfing balance tool, the Goofboard will be your best friend.

The Goofboard takes the concept of the Indo Board and flips it around. Rather than using a short roller that rolls side-to-side perpendicular to the board's platform, it uses a longer roller that rolls parallel to the board's platform. For surfers, wakeboarders, and SUP enthusiasts, this creates a more lifelike surf-feel, working the foot, ankle and calf muscles required for water-based board sports.

Note: Probably not the best balance tool for the general population

Cost: Classic board costs $140 at Goofboard

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Onnit Si Board

Rolling on Rails. Onnit

The Onnit Si Board takes the concepts of the Goofboard and Indo Board and combines them.

Even though there are similarities to the Goofboard and the Indo Board, the Si Board is actually quite different. First, it uses a weighted ball as the balance crux, rather than a cylindrical roller - this means the board can roll in any direction and isn't limited to rolling in one plane of motion. Second, the metal rails that run around the bottom of the board ensure the board won't roll off the top of the ball, ultimately making it a safer - albeit, more difficult - balance trainer. 

Additional Use: The weighted ball can be used as a medicine ball for other exercises.

Cost: $485 at Onnit

SurfSet RipSurfer X

Catch a Wave. SurfSet

The SurfSet RipSurfer X is the ultimate indoor surfboard.

Built by SurfSet to look and feel like an actual SurfBoard, the RipSurfer X is appropriate for exercisers of almost all fitness levels. Many gyms and boutique studios offer SurfSet classes that take participants through a series of full-body exercises, all of which enhance balance and coordination.

Additional Uses: The RipSurfer X can be used for practically any type of workout - cardiovascular, strength training, high intensity interval training, and even yoga. It's stable enough and large enough to manage full-body exercises ranging from burpees and mountain climbers to downward facing dogs.

Cost: $550 at Surfset

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