Fitness Caddy

Fitness Caddy
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This handy, hands-free caddy keeps your basic gym gear (water, towel, membership card, keys) organized and readily accessible. It's ideal for quick workouts or fitness classes.


  • Keeps gym gear organized and handy
  • Smaller and lighter than typical gym bags
  • Made of washable, durable Microfiber
  • Adjustable strap


  • For brief (shower-free, kid-free) gym visits only


  • Holds water bottles of most shapes and sizes, up to 1.5 liters
  • 2.25" metal ring keeps small towel in place
  • Carabiner clips keys where you can find them
  • Front pocket with Velcro closure (and hidden interior pocket) holds membership cards, cash, and driver's license
  • Back pouch stashes cell phone, sunglasses, other odds and ends
  • Packs flat for travel

Product Review - Fitness Caddy

We've all been there: Dashing out the door to a yoga class or to the gym for a circuit-training session, we grab a water bottle and our membership card. Oh, and we also need car keys, plus a towel. Oops, what if the kids need to reach us—better take the cell phone. Next thing we know our hands are way too full and we're frazzled instead of energized.

Vicki Forster knew this feeling all too well, and that's why she created the Fitness Caddy. It has designated pockets and clips for all those essentials, from water bottle to keys to towels and even sunglasses. This caddy won't work well if you're a swimmer or if you take the kids along for a family workout, but for solo trips (ahhh!

What a treat!), it's just right. It's also easy to keep at your side during a workout, instead of hiding it away in a locker. There's even a neoprene sleeve to keep your water cool.

The Fitness Caddy can go beyond the gym too. I use mine for playground outings or running errands, because it's less bulky than a purse but still allows me to take my water, phone, and keys along.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer.

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