Fitness Gifts for Travelers - Got a Traveler? Here Are Great Gifts

If you have a traveler in your life, he or she may find it a challenge to squeeze in exercise. Having the right equipment can make it easier to workout no matter where he is. The following equipment offers a variety of options for your traveling loved one to workout, whether it's in a hotel room, in the gym or outside. 


Resistance bands are perfect for travelers.  They're inexpensive, lightweight and can easily be stuffed into a suitcase.  They don't necessarily take the place of strength training with heavier weights, but an exerciser can maintain his muscle mass and get a quick total body workout in any hotel room. Choose a variety of tensions (light, medium and heavy) and a door anchor to add more variety to workouts. 


Jumping rope burns major calories and is a great choice for travelers. A 150-lb person could burn almost 230 calories in just 20 minutes, although you would need to start off a bit slower than that if you're not used to the exercise. Use it in a circuit workout - try jumping for a minute, doing pushups for a minute, squats for a minute, etc. and create your own workout right in your hotel room. Jump ropes are inexpensive, fit in your suitcase and offer a great, whole-body workout.


These are a little strange, but an interesting choice for the traveler who wants to lift weights, but doesn't have access to a decent fitness room or gym. These are packable weights and you simply add water and the weights can go up to 16 pounds, weighing only 24 ounces when deflated.  Having weights handy makes it much easier to fit in a quick workout before the all-day meetings start.


So, fanny packs are pretty much out (unless you go to Disneyworld and, I'm sorry, lots of people are still wearing them), so where's a runner/walker supposed to put their stuff.  In this Fitness Belt.  Yep, no bounce, hands free and you can put everything in it - Keys, smartphone, money, ID...This thing is really awesome.


This kit is a great choice for travelers with lots of extras included. You get three different bands with different levels of tension and there are interchangeable handles, so you're saving some room in the suitcase there.  It also includes a door ankle, two ankle straps and a workout DVD for your workout pleasure.


The TRX Suspension System is another option for travelers who want a unique way to exercise.  With this system, you attach a series of straps to an anchor point (a hotel room door works well for this) and perform a variety of body weight exercises.  By changing positioning, you can leverage more or less body weight, making the exercises harder or easier, depending on your goals.  The basic package is $189.95 and you'll have to pay extra for the door anchor, but there are instructional videos included.


I really love these little mini steppers, especially for travelers who don't always have access to a gym in the hotel or just want to do something quick in their room.  Some come with bands for an even better workout that includes some strength training.  I would love having one of these!


If you've ever tried to do yoga on a scratchy, hard hotel room floor, you've probably wished for a lightweight yoga mat in your suitcase. Lucky for you, or for the traveling yogis in your life, they have those. These mats are usually the same width and length as a normal mat, but they're thin so they don't add too much weight to your luggage. The best way to use these is by putting some towels underneath if you need more padding.

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