Quiz Results: What's Your Fitness Personality? The Free Spirit

As someone who loves to have fun, you may think it's a total waste of time to engage in any exercise that isn't fun. As a result, you may enjoy a variety of activities, which is great in many respects. Having so many interests may give you a leg up because you're good at a broad spectrum of activities and can always find something to do. You're also able to work your body in different ways to avoid boredom and overuse injuries.

Where you might have difficulty with is sticking with any type of exercise schedule. You may exercise for a week or two by playing tennis, inline skating, shooting hoops or walking with a friend. But then, if the weather's bad or work gets busy, you may not do anything active for several weeks. What makes exercise enjoyable to you -- the freedom to do what you like when you like -- may also be your downfall as you fight to follow some kind of routine.

Best Exercise for Your Personality

The good news is, you really can find activities that are fun for you while becoming a bit more disciplined about your schedule. Some ideas:

Join a Walking or Running Club

The social aspect of these kinds of clubs may appeal to you and having scheduled workouts you need to show up for, with the support of other members, may get you moving. You might also enjoy training for a future race or event with a group. Having something to work for may also keep you motivated.

Dance or Fitness Classes

While the gym may be a bit regimented for you, most clubs offer a variety of group fitness classes that may appeal to your need to have fun while you exercise. You might prefer circuit training, which moves quickly and keeps you on your toes, or classes that combine activities like cardio and strength training.

You might also enjoy taking dance lessons, signing up for community activities like cross-country skiing in the winter or canoe trips in the summer or more free-floating activities like hiking or rock-climbing.

Playing Games or Sports

Part of having fun for you is having a purpose for what you're doing. Running to nowhere on a treadmill may not make much sense to a free spirit like you, but being an active participant is something you can relate to. Think active video games, basketball, raquetball, tennis, or any activity where you can engage your mind and your body for a specific purpose.

How to Get More Disciplined

To get the most of out your fitness program, you may need to reign yourself in and require a little more from yourself. If you join an exercise group or class, you'll have a schedule to follow on a weekly basis. But, for your other workouts, you may need to start scheduling them in your calendar to make sure you make time for them.

  • Schedule more of your workouts. You can still be a free spirit -- just a free spirit with a calendar.
  • Give yourself reasons to exercise. Not every workout can be fun, so remind yourself that being consistent, even if things get a little dull, will help you have more fun later. If you keep your body strong, you'll be ready for those fun and unexpected activities like skiing, hiking or inline skating.
  • Commit to regular activity. Even if your group isn't meeting this week or the weather's bad, you can still get in some activity. Be prepared for those times by keeping great exercise music handy for a treadmill workout or some exercise videos you enjoy doing.
  • Keep having fun. If things get dull, think of what you could do to spice things up -- maybe taking some golf lessons, a scuba diving course or a bellydancing class. As a fun-lover, your friends may look to you to come up with new ideas for being active and having fun. Use that aspect of your personality and your confidence to constantly push your boundaries.

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