Fitness Wearables: Timex Ironman ONE GPS+ Review

Slashed Price = Solid Buy


When I first reviewed the Timex Ironman ONE GPS+ watch on my personal blog, I thought it was pretty cool, but my impressions of the watch were slightly tempered by the fact that it came with a $400 price tag.

Four hundred dollars is a lot to pay, even for a watch with great features.

That all changed this week when I realized the watch's price was slashed by 50%!

Yes, the Timex Ironman ONE GPS+ watch now costs just $200, including a year of AT&T data service.

I know I say just, as if $200 isn't still a lot to pay - it is - but it's a whole lot less than it was, and the watch's features definitely make a second look worthwhile.

The Watch

You've heard of smartwatches, yes? Watches like the Basis Peak and Apple Watch that enable you to listen to music, message friends and track health stats on your wrist. Well, the Timex Ironman ONE GPS+ watch is kind of like that, but designed specifically with the athlete in mind.

Unlike all those other smartwatches, where you have to carry your phone with you and have it connected by Bluetooth to your watch, the ONE GPS+ offers those same features - messaging, workout tracking and music - but without needing to be linked to your phone. In other words, you don't have to take your phone with you while you workout.

For someone like me who hates taking my phone with me during workouts, but would still like the security of being able to message for help if I get hurt or lost, this is a huge benefit.

The most notable features include:

  • A year of AT&T Data included, which enables the messaging and GPS tracking features
  • The ability to load music and contacts into the watch
  • Bluetooth functionality so you can pair the watch with a heart rate monitor, foot pod and headphones to maximize your workout
  • Full-color touchscreen face that's easy to navigate and understand
  • GPS tracking during workouts
  • Workout management, including goal-setting and real-time feedback on pace, time, distance and elevation
  • Interval training feature to help you workout smarter

Sweet Safety Features

One of the best things about this watch is its peace-of-mind safety features. As I mentioned, I don't like to take my phone with me when walking or running my dogs. I live in a semi-rural area, and some of the streets I traverse don't get much traffic. If something were to happen to me or one of my dogs, it might be awhile before help could be flagged down.

The ONE GPS+ is specifically set up to send SOS messages so you can notify contacts if you get hurt or need assistance. You can send out one of the watch's pre-set SOS messages, or you can customize your own based on your situation.

Even better is the ability to set certain contacts as "Angel" contacts. Every time you start a workout with your watch, your designated Angels receive a message that you've started a workout and they're emailed a live GPS link so they can track your real-time progress. The benefit is that if you're running and you get hurt, you can send an SOS message to one of your Angels, and they can easily check their GPS link and find out exactly where you are.

Interval Training

One of the other great features of this watch is its interval training setting. Users have the ability to set up several different intervals based on time or distance, and the watch automatically notifies you when each interval parameter has been met.

So, for instance, if you want to do five sets of 60 second intervals with 30 seconds rest, then 10 sets of two minute intervals with two minutes rest, then another five sets of 60 second intervals with 30 seconds rest, you can enter the entire series into your watch and follow the workout seamlessly.

That said, I really, really wish you could save multiple pre-set interval workouts into the watch so you can access them as needed.

Currently you can only enter one interval workout at a time, so if you want to change your intervals, you have to clear the workout already in the watch and start over. If there were a way to save two or three different workouts, it would free up some time.

Best Watch Features:

  • Easy touch screen navigation
  • Screen is actually easier to see and read in the sunlight
  • Add contacts and message them on your run… without carrying your phone
  • Upload music into your watch and listen through Bluetooth headphones
  • Safety features including SOS messages and “Angel” contacts that can monitor your real-time GPS progress
  • Interval training workout functionality
  • Sync workouts with other apps, including MapMyFitness
  • Share workouts to social media accounts


  • Touchscreen functionality is a little clunky – it doesn’t always pick up the touch
  • Entering contacts or sending messages through the watch can be time-consuming - it’s better to enter them through the Android or iPhone app, or through the online portal

Who It's For

The runner or athlete who wants a functional sports watch that tracks and manages workouts, and who wants the convenience of listening to music and messaging friends without the hassle of carrying a phone or MP3 player.

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