Five Common Ways to Cancel Out That Condom

Condoms aren't hard to use correctly. However, they're also easy to use the wrong way. Even people who have been using condoms for years sometimes make a mistake. A little carelessness can leave you looking for a spare condom. That's why it's always a good idea to have extra condoms handy. There are also some common mistakes to avoid.

Putting The Condom on Upside Down

condom on upside down
This condom is on upside down. To unroll it, you'd have to reach inside the condom. If this happens, and you've put the condom on the penis, you should discard it before trying again. (c) 2014 Elizabeth R. Boskey licensed to, Inc.

Putting a condom on upside down is an easy mistake to make. That's particularly true if you're getting intimate in the dark. The mantra we used to use in college was "goes on like a hat, not like a shower cap." However, if you can't see what you're doing, that's not always clear.

Fortunately, there is an easier way to avoid putting your condoms on inside out,. Try unrolling them just a little bit first. That will help you see which way is up. (The condom should unroll easily on the penis, You shouldn't be scrambling for an edge.) It will also help you avoid the next blunder.

Forgetting to Leave Room at the Tip

a condom stretched too tight at the tip
Ideally, you want to pinch the tip and leave some space before rolling the condom on, even with a reservoir tip condom. This one is a bit tight. (c) 2014 Elizabeth R. Boskey licensed to, Inc.

Why is it so important to leave room at the tip? You want there to be room for the man's ejaculate. You also want to avoid getting an air bubble trapped in the condom. Air bubbles could potentially increase the rate of breakage.

To avoid problems, figure out which way is up, and then pinch the tip before rolling the condom on. You might want to dab a little lube inside the tip of the condom as well. It not only helps with the air bubble problem,. It can also increase pleasure.

Letting the Condom Slip Off After Orgasm

Grasp the base of the condom, and pull it out with the penis. (c) 2014 Elizabeth R. Boskey licensed to, Inc.

"Losing the condom" can be a big problem. That's particularly true for men who tend to lose their erections quickly after orgasm. Before pulling out, it is important to grasp the base of the  condom. Then you just need to pull the condom out with the penis.

If you do that, the condom iis less likely to slip off during withdrawal, even if the man has started to go flaccid. You don't want to pull out your penis and leave your condom behind. However, if you do, try and close the base of the condom with your fingers. Then CAREFULLY pulli it out. The goal is to avoid spilling the contents inside your partner.

Trying to put the condom on before the penis is erect

an open condom and condom wrappers
Trying to put a condom on when the penis is flaccid leaves you with an unrolled condom. Toss it out, and try again. (c) 2014 Elizabeth R. Boskey licensed to, Inc.

A man should be physically aroused before he puts on a condom. Trying to stretch a condom over a flaccid penis doesn't work well for either the man or the condom. It's better to wait and try again. 

When you do, use a new condom. If you ever have a condom application issue you should always pick up a new one before trying again. And that's the final error...

Reusing a condom

condoms and condom wrappers
Being prepared means bringing more than one condom. (c) 2014 Elizabeth R. Boskey licensed to, Inc.

When you plan to have sex with someone, you should never bring just one condom. If you do, and make a mistake in use or application,  you're out of luck. Any condom error means it's time to take a new, unexpired condom out of its pristine pack. If you're starting to have a new type of sex (vaginal to anal, oral to vaginal),  you'll want to do the same thing.

If condoms are going to be effective at preventing STD transmission, you have to use them the right way. That means using condoms that haven't expired. It also means using either condoms or another appropriate type of barrier every time you have sex. That's true no matter what kind of sex you're having.

The Biggest Condom Mistake People Make

Safe sex can be hot sex, as long as you remember to have fun. The biggest mistake people make about condom use is thinking of them as a barrier to pleasure. They don't have to be. Used correctly and consistently, they can be an invitation to excitement instead. So be prepared, and remember to enjoy the ride.

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