5 Great Gift Ideas for Mom from Teens

Mom deserves to feel like a queen on her special day

daughter bringing mother breakfast in bed
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Finding a gift for Mom is always a challenge for teens, especially as they hit those pivotal ages of 15 and 16, and are itching to be independent. Don't hesitate to give your teen some gift suggestions, either things they can make themselves or with a little help, or things they can do to brighten Mom's day.

5 Easy Gift Ideas for Mom 

Giving Mom a present on Mother’s Day shouldn't be a chore, and should have some real thought behind it.

While you should let teens decide for themselves what present they might want to give their mother for Mother's Day, here are five great gift ideas that might help get them started. 

1. Give Mom Some "Me" Time

Most modern mothers, whether they stay home with children or go to work outside the home, cherish every moment of alone time they can get. Make a point to find a way to give mom some time to herself to do whatever she wants. If she likes to read, be sure she has the newest book of her choice available. If she wants to spend three hours in the bathroom taking a bubble bath without having to yell answers to questions through the door, give that to her. "Me time" is anything she wants without anyone making any demands on her attention.

2. Make Mom a Craft

Teens are very good at crafting and the gifts they make tend to be real keepsakes. There is an infinite number of great craft ideas available today with a quick Google search.

In particular, homemade jewelry is always a hit with moms. Having something that her children have made for her is very special for any mom, so take the time to create a gift she will always treasure.

3. Plant a Tree or Her Favorite Flowers

Instead of giving flowers that will die in a vase, add some flowers or a flowering bush to her garden.

She will then be able to enjoy it for many more days to come, and it will serve as a lasting reminder.

4. Do Mom’s Weekly Chore List

Dad could help with this great gift. Alternately, ask Mom which of her chores she dislikes doing most, and take care of that for her. It might not seem like much, but this gesture is worth a lot to a busy working mother. Just be sure when you are doing the chore that you're doing it correctly, and the way she likes it done, and not creating more of a mess for her to deal with later.

5. Let Mom Sleep In and Make Her Breakfast

She will feel great with a little extra rest. Some people like breakfast in bed and some prefer to have it at the table. Either way, everyone likes having breakfast made for them, and if it gives Mom a little time to lounge in bed and cross one more thing off her to-do list, even better. It doesn't have to be an elaborate breakfast, as with all these ideas, when it comes to giving gifts to Mom, it's truly the thought that counts. 

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