Fixing Formula (Powdered)

What type of infant formula do you have?

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Incorrectly prepared formula is the cause a major cause of malnutrition and illness. Before you prepare your baby's infant formula, you need to ensure a few things to safely prepare it:

  • That it is infant formula and not a toddler version.
  • You need to know which type of formula you have:
  • That you have all of the supplies you will need.

One you have determined that you have the right formula and the right supplies it is time to prepare the baby bottle.

Gathering Your Supplies

To use the powdered formula, you will need the powder, the baby bottle, something to help you level the powder, something to measure water (if you don't use your bottles), and water.

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How much formula do you need?

Figure out how much formula you want to make. (Start here.) Pour that many ounces into your bottle. You can use your bottles to measure the water or a separate container.

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Measure the Formula

Typically one scoop of powedered formula makes two ounces of formula. Read the instructions on whether to use level or rounded scoops. Most call for packed, leveled scoops of powder. You can use a knife or other utensil to level the powder.

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Mix the Powder and Water

You will dump the powder into the water, usually in the bottle. So if you are trying to make four ounces of formula, you would have two scoops of powder.

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Powdered formula will clump when you pour it into the water. This is not a problem.

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Stirring the Formula

Now you can stir the powder and help it mix with the water. Once the powder is completely mixed you are ready to feed it.

Some people prefer to shake their powdered formulas. Mixing usually works better and provides you with fewer clogging clumps of powder, but shaking does not harm it in any way.

Powdered formula can last for several weeks, even after you open it and does not require refrigeration. Check the label for specifics.

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