True Lemon and True Orange Flavoring Packets for Your Water Bottle

True Lemon and True Orange Packets for your water
True Lemon and True Orange Packets. Wendy Bumgardner &oopy;

True Lemon and True Orange for your water give you a nice burst of citrus flavor that you can easily add to any bottle of water. Whether you buy bottled water or you take along your own water bottle, this is a good all-natural product for those who don't want plain water. The shape of the packet is perfect for adding it to even the most narrow-mouthed bottle of water without mess (other than disposing of the empty packet).

These water flavorings have no calories or artificial ingredients.

Pros of True Lemon and True Orange

  • All-natural, no artificial ingredients or artificial sweeteners.
  • Mixes fast with water
  • Super convenient - carry the small packets in your pocket, pack or purse to add to a bottle of water at any time.
  • No mess, the packets are shaped to add the powder to a bottle of water
  • Tastes great - adds real fruit flavor
  • No carbs, no calories, gluten-free
  • Each packet has 25 percent of the RDA for Vitamin C


  • It's only a flavoring, not a sports drink mix, it won't replenish salt or give you carbohydrates for energy.

Expert Review - True Lemon and True Orange Flavoring Packets for Water

Many walkers prefer a flavored drink rather than plain water, but want to skip any extra calories, artificial colors, sweeteners or preservatives. You are more likely to drink the water you need to stay hydrated if you like the flavor.

Lemon and lime are two of the most popular water flavorings, but unless you are at home with a knife and cutting board, fresh fruit isn't convenient. 

True Citrus has convenient packets to add all-natural lemon or orange flavoring to your water. As a bonus, each serving has 25 percent of your recommended daily allowance for Vitamin C.

The packets are thin and narrow so you can easily add the contents to any glass or water bottle. Just tear off the end and put it into the mouth of the bottle. You get no mess even with the most narrow-mouthed bottles. Then put on the cap, shake it up a little and the powder dissolves quickly. If you are using it in a glass of water, you will want to mix it with a stirring stick or spoon.

The flavor is exactly like what it says it is -- all natural lemon or orange, just like you squeezed it in, but without the mess. It isn't sweet, it just adds a citrus flavor to your water.

Besides no mess, the other things that True Lemon and True Orange don't have are artificial colors, sweeteners, preservatives, gluten or sodium.

Because it has no sodium, this is not a sports drink mix. If you are doing a long workout of over an hour and sweating, you need to replenish salt. But if you want some sodium replacement, you can add your own pinch of salt and you are good to go.

I enjoy using True Lemon and True Lime not only as water flavorings, but in recipes when I need to add citrus and I don't have fresh fruit. They also sell shaker bottles of the crystals and packets designed for cooking.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer.

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