Flutiform Asthma Inhaler

A European Combination Asthma Medication

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What Is Flutiform?

Flutiform (formoterol fumarate and fluticasone propionate together) is a combination asthma inhaler that contains both an inhaled corticosteroid (fluticasone propionate) and a long-acting beta agonist (formoterol fumarate) used as a controller medication in the treatment of asthma. Flutiform was approved in Europe in 2012 as a dry powdered inhaler but is not currently available in the U.S. 

Flutiform contains:

 Flutiform can be used in patients aged 12 and older and is commonly prescribed by doctors once you need more than a rescue inhaler for your asthma. Research demonstrates that the combination product is better than either of its individual components alone for the treatment of asthma. Additionally, Flutifom has demonstrated similar outcomes compared to other combination asthma products.

 Flutiform is prescribed in order to treat and prevent the symptoms of asthma such as:

How Does Flutiform Work?

Flutiform decreases inflammation and hyperresponsiveness in airways as a result of exposure to allergens and environmental triggers.

In regards to the pathophysiology of asthma, Flutiform may impact the following types of cells:

When taken regularly decreased inflammation, mucus production, wheezing, chest tightness,  cough and shortness of breath hopefully result. Unlike your rescue inhaler, Flutiform must be taken daily, no matter how well you feel, as part of an asthma action plan.


How Is Flutiform Prescribed?

If you live in Europe, Flutiform is prescribed as a dry powdered inhaler. The usual dose is two inhalations twice per day, but you need to confirm this with your doctor.

Flutiform should not be used as a rescue inhaler when you develop acute asthma symptoms. Rather, it is a controller medication that you must use each and every day to maintain good asthma control. After your symptoms are well controlled you may be able to discuss step down therapy where you decrease the:

  • Total daily dose
  • Number of times per day you need the medication

Side Effects and Safety

No medication is without potential side effects. Inhaled steroids have similar side effects as a class. These include local side effects such as hoarseness and oral thrush. In the clinical studies of Flutiform patients also reported experiencing a runny nose, sore throat, and headaches.

Of note, the FDA continues to look at the safety of LABA mono therapy, one of the components of Flutiform, because of a potential increased risk of an asthma attack and asthma deaths. However, most asthma experts feel the use of combined products to be safe.


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