Flying Carp Craft for Boys in 5 Easy Steps

Flying Carp Craft for Boys

crafts for boys - flying carp
You can make this gorgeous and colorful flying carp boys' crafts in 5 easy steps.. Katherine Lee

This flying carp paper craft for boys can be made in minutes with just a few ordinary materials like an empty toilet paper roll and some colored paper. It's as fun as it is easy--a perfect craft for boys and girls alike!

In Japan, May 5 is Children's Day (formerly known as Boys' Day), a day to celebrate the health and happiness of children. (Girls have their own special day, on March 3, on which parents pray for girls' growth and happiness.)

This easy craft is made with a few simple materials.

crafts for boys - flying carp materials
You only need a few simple materials to make this easy crafts for boys.. Katherine Lee

You'll only need a few simple materials to make this easy boys' craft:

Punch out circles.

boys' crafts - make circles for flying carp craft
Make circles--these will be the fish "scales.". Katherine Lee

Your child will love this part: He can make lots of circles in bright colors using the paper punch. These will be the scales that will be glued on to the fish (the toilet paper roll.)

Now he can glue on the scales.

crafts for boys - glue circles for the flying carp
Glue the circles onto the toilet paper roll.. Katherine Lee

Once he's made a batch of circles, he can begin gluing the scales onto the toilet paper roll. Tell him not to worry if the circles aren't lined up perfectly--they'll look pretty just the same.

Add streamers to the carp.

crafts for boys - add streamers to the flying carp craft
Add an eye and streamers to the flying carp craft.. Katherine Lee

Next, your child can glue on a googly eye and some cut-up streamers to the flying carp.

Here's a finished flying carp!

boys' crafts - finished flying carp
Here's a finished flying carp.. Katherine Lee

Ta da! Here's a finished flying carp. Make a batch with your child in lots of different colors. If he wants, you can glue on some some twine to the head of the carp and attach it to a stick so that he can pretend he caught the fish on his fishing pole. 

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