Folklore Tests to Determine Girl or Boy in Pregnancy

Folklore Tests to Determine Girl or Boy in Pregnancy

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It's fun to sit around and guess if baby is a girl or a boy. You get to plan each out and dream about baseball games and ballet recitals. Part of that fun is listening to the folklore.

While there may be history to some of the tales, scientific evidence is largely against them. Sometimes you might hear that your baby will be a certain sex because of the way you're carrying or based on the heart rate.

There are plenty of women who swear by these methods. I thought it might be a lot of fun to see if can gather some statistics of our own rather than base it on the two or three people we know who have tried it. And while this is also not very scientific it will be a lot of fun! If you want to try it out for yourself, check out our Girl or Boy Pregnancy quiz!

Ring Test

The ring test is where you take a ring, preferably your wedding or engagement ring and tie it on a string. Then hold the ring over your pregnant belly and watch the motions. If the ring goes in circles, you're having a boy. If the ring swings side to side, you're having a girl. So nearly half of the 36,258 parents said that they were having a boy based on this report. About 12,894 parents came back to report and 70% found the test to be accurate for them.

Heart Rate

This folklore says that babies who have a faster heart rate are more likely to be girls than boys.

Eventually the cutoff was made at 140 beats per minute (bpm). So girls would have a heart rate above 140 bpm, and boys would be below 140 bpm. In a poll of over 31,202 people, 58% of parents said that the heart rate test worked for them. It seemed to be slightly more effective at predicting the girls than the boys.

Chinese Lunar Calendar

The Chinese Calendar is supposedly a long ost calendar that predicts the sex of your baby based solely on the age of the mother at the time of conception. In over 106,000 votes, 53% of respondents said that they were supposedly having a girl, with 46% saying boy. 40,373 parents came back to say if the test was right, according to these votes the test got the right answer about 58% of the time.

Belly Shape

The shape of your belly is also supposed to be indicative of boy or girl. A baby girl is supposed carried high and a baby boy is supposedly carried low. 78,452 parents and 60% said according to this tale, they were having a baby girl, leaving about 40% expecting a boy. When asked after the birth, 20,813, or about 60% said that they found the test to be true and accurate for their pregnancy.

Dad's Weight

Is the father of the baby gaining weight? It might be Couvade Syndrome or it might be a baby boy. If dad is not gaining weight, you can expect a girl according to this folklore. 75,247 answered and it was split pretty evenly between girls and boys. 16,387 came back to respond and 61% said that the response given was accurate based on the weight gain of dad.

According to our readers, the winner of the folklore tests: The Ring Test

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