Food Allergies Apps: Your Smart Phone Just Got Smarter

Imagine finding the perfect holiday cookie recipe within minutes, being able to know just what to order at the local Thai restaurant, or locating a store that carries gluten-free snacks even while on vacation?  Now you can do just that, all with the tap of your smartphone.  In fact, there are many apps that have been created to help those with food allergies to live more easily and safely.   

From apps that give recipes to those that locate allergen free places to dine to those that read labels, there are many reliable apps to choose from.

  Below are some of the food allergy related apps that are worth checking out.  

See how they might fit into your life, and take the guess work out of eating: 

Find Me Gluten Free:   This app is perfect for those who are on a gluten-free diet.  This helps you to locate area restaurants that have gluten-free options along with stores that have gluten-free products.  The app also includes ratings from other users so that you can gain more insight into how they felt about a particular restaurant.

Yummy Recipes & Grocery Shopping List:  This app helps you to search recipes from a huge database that take into account your food allergies.  By using the sites filters you can eliminate the foods you are allergic to and it will then pull up only recipes that are allergen free. The recipes can then be saved in a custom on-line recipe box for future use. 

iEatOut Gluten Free:  This app allows people with food allergies to have more options when dining out at different cuisines.

When you select your allergens and the type of cuisine you are dining at, a list of food options will be provided.  And in the case where there are dishes that may be questionable, there is also a list of important recommended questions to ask.

MyFoodFacts:  This app helps to identify food allergens present in food products so that you can avoid purchasing a product that contains food allergens.

  You personalize the allergen alerts and use your phone’s camera to scan a product's barcode.  If the allergen is found, an alert will let you know that the food is not a safe option.

AroundMe:  This app locates the closest hospitals and pharmacies in the event of an allergic reaction.  There are other points of interest but the most important feature is knowing that you can easily find a place to keep you healthy and safe. 

Content Checked USA:  This app provides nutrition information on foods found at the supermarket so that they can be checked before you go shopping.  By checking off which foods you need to avoid, the app alerts you if any of the items that you want contain these allergens.  All items can be saved for future use to save time when shopping

iAvoid Food Allergy:  This app helps to identify and avoid products and ingredients for the eight most common food allergies.  This app shares content from sites that are valuable to those with food allergies, such as Food Allergy Research and Education websites, etc.

  This app provides valuable information on up-to-date information for those with food allergies.

So go ahead and download an app, and see how with the touch of your smart phone, living with food allergies just got easier. 

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