6 Food-Shopping Tips Your Wallet Will Thank You For

6 Food Shopping Tips ‘n Tricks
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The supermarket can be a scary place, but it doesn’t have to be! I’m Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien, and I’m here with six grocery-shopping tips that’ll do wonders for your wallet and your waistline.

1. Make a beeline for the freezer aisle.

One of the biggest shopping mistakes people make is ignoring frozen food. In reality, many freezer-aisle options are just as nutritious and delicious as their fresh counterparts—and they’re better for your bank account.

Frozen fruit and vegetables are great bets; they're usually frozen at peak ripeness, meaning they can actually contain more nutrients than the stuff you find in the produce section, and you can buy them in bulk and store them without having to worry about them going bad.

Also, check out the frozen fish selection. A lot of what you see at the fish counter is thawed from frozen anyway, so buying them in frozen form just makes good financial sense.

2. Plan ahead.

Never go to the grocery store without knowing exactly what you’re going to buy. Before you head out, think about what you and your family are going to eat in the week ahead. Then take inventory of your kitchen. Figure out which ingredients you already have, so you don’t end up with duplicates. Finally, make a list of everything you need to buy at the supermarket. Having a specific grocery list will guard you against high-priced, high-calorie impulse buys.

Bonus: You won’t waste time wandering aimlessly through every aisle. 

Tip: Add these six must-have fridge staples to your list!

3. Shop seasonal.

It’s easy to forget that fruits and veggies are seasonal because they're sold in stores all year long. But each type of produce has a certain season when it’s grown in abundance.

For example, berries are at their peak in the summer, while citrus fruits are ripe for picking during the winter. It’s best to buy fresh fruits and veggies when they’re in season. They’re much less expensive that way, and the supermarket is more likely to have them in stock. 

By the way, Fruit can be great for weight loss, especially these five!

4. Embrace canned foods.

Don’t be scared of canned foods! They’re some of the best bargains in the entire supermarket. And you can get some really nutritious foods in the canned section: Think tuna, beans, soups, and tomatoes. Stock up while they’re on sale, and keep them in your pantry for a rainy day. That can of low-fat turkey chili could keep you from ordering a pizza the next time you’re running low on fresh groceries! 

FYI: Tuna and beans are both known to help your body burn fat, like these fat-burning foods.

5. Don’t shop while you’re hungry

Seriously, don’t do it. This is the oldest grocery-shopping tip in the book for a reason! Have a meal or snack before you hit the supermarket. This way, your growling stomach won’t convince you to snatch up every high-calorie item that looks good in the moment. You’ll be able to stick to your list and avoid impulsively buying that overpriced ready-made mac and cheese from the deli section.

6. Read the nutritional panel

All of it! If you just read the calorie information but skip the serving size, you could be missing the big picture. (Did you know most cans of soup contain two servings?) Take time to review the entire nutritional label before you put an item in your cart. If it has more sugar than you want, or not enough protein, stick it back on the shelf and find something that meets your nutritional needs. 

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