Foods Fibromyalgia Patients Should Avoid

Pain Patients: Know the Food to Avoid if You have Fibromyalgia

It is well known, especially by patients, that fibromyalgia requires you to adjust your lifestyle. In addition to restricting and modifying your activities, it is fundamental to monitor your diet since certain foods tend to take a negative toll on fibromyalgia patients. During the time you are managing your fibromyalgia and its symptoms, you may be drawn towards comfort foods. You may also be tempted to avoid exercise in order to avoid aggravating the pain.

The combination of these activities can only worsen your fibromyalgia pain because it can lead to an overweight lifestyle. Adding more encumbrance to your body will intensify the pressure and weight you put on your joints, thus only adding to your discomfort.

Coupled with fibromyalgia is often a sensation of restlessness, fatigue, and insomnia. Seen sleep issues are so prevalent with this condition, it is recommended to avoid or minimize caffeine consumption. Since pain and stress are so heavily correlated with one another, snowballing stress in your life can only accentuate your pain. It is essential that you receive an excellent night’s rest in order to prevent aggravating your pain. Caffeine is found in coffee, sodas, and sometimes over-the-counter cough medication. Be aware about its sources and what you consume.

Sugar is essential for your body to function. However, only certain low dosages will be of benefit to you.

Though you may be drawn to binge eating chocolate and candy in order to satisfy your sweet tooth, this is not a health idea. Though these foods may heal your cravings for a short period of time, in the long run they might harm your health and trigger discomposure. It is also essential to remember to avoid artificial sweeteners, since they tend to contain chemicals and aspartame.

Moreover, ingesting toxins into an already sapped body can only aggravate your pain further. In the event you do want something sweet, try opting for more natural sources of sugar.

MSG and sodium nitrite are additives in food meant for flavor enhancement and preservation purposes. They are ordinarily found in processed foods and are high in salt. Consuming salt increases swelling, and in return, pain. Avoiding processed foods can ensure you handle your fibromyalgia symptoms in an effective manner.

In the event that you have irritable bowel syndrome symptoms, such as gas and constipation, eliminating dairy from your diet may be helpful. Oftentimes, your medication may cause these particular issues because they tend to slacken your digestive system. Dairy is high in fat, but low in fiber. This can additionally decelerate your digestive movements adding to further discomfort while already having to deal with your fibromyalgia condition. If you do choose to eliminate dairy from your diet, it is important you find other cradles of calcium to incorporate into your diet.

Eating fiber-rich foods, such as oats and prunes, can also help lessen symptoms of gas and constipation.

The key to fighting your fibromyalgia via your diet is by making sure you consume an ample and healthy breakfast each morning. This breakfast should be full of protein, fiber, and good sugars. This will provide you with that kickstart of energy to get you all through the day, even while battling an achy body. This will also help prevent you from any blood sugar spikes which can only make you more fatigued and aggravate your pain. Always remember to confer with your doctor before making any changes to your diet. This way, you’ll be safe when on medication.

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