Forensic Science Toys

Bring out the forensic scientist in your child with these toys and kits based on forensic science.With all the television shows focusing on CSIs (Crime Scene Investigations), it's no surprise that many people, young and old, are interested in forensic science. But even before gifted kids are old enough to watch such shows, they are fascinated by forensic science. I believe that interest is due to the blending of two things many gifted kids love: science and puzzle/problem solving.

This forensic kit contains all kids need to conduct 26 forensic science experiments, including testing for counterfeit currency and analyzing hair and soil samples. Kids learn how to find and handle evidence, secure finger- and footprints in a crime scene, and also create a crime scene report. The kit will nurture your child's observation and problem-solving skills and they conduct the experiments using the same techniques real detectives use.

Ages 8 and up

If your child has an artistic streak, she might be interested in this facial reconstruction kit. When a crime victim needs to be identified, it is often done through the reconstruction of the skull. There are specific tools and techniques used and kids can learn how to use them with this kit. The kit contains a blank plastic skull, plasticine modeling material, and molded pegs to create the right depth for the features. It also includes molded eyeballs, ears, and inner nose that will bring more life to the sculptured face. A rolling pin and four sculpting tools are also included - everything your child needs to sculpt a face just as the forensic anthropologists do.

Ages 8 and up

Collecting fingerprints is an essential part of crime scene investigation. With this kit, your child not only learns how to detect and collect fingerprints, but how to design a fingerprint file card, how to take fingerprints from people, and how the FBI classifies fingerprints. More than that, they will learn why our fingers leave prints to begin with and why we want to collect prints at a crime scene.

Ages 8 to 15

This kit includes a microscope, tweezers, a UV scanner, 4 evidence vials, and 8 pieces of evidence. Kids get to use these items to solve crimes. There are three different crimes to solve (a stolen diamond, a missing royal crown, and a missing race car). Kids must scan for fingerprints, examine evidence, conduct pH tests, and analyze handwriting in order to solve these crimes. They can note their results on the evidence test sheets provided with the kit. The kit also includes 3 suspect sheets and a 40-page book.

Ages 8 and up

Kids have everything they need to act like a forensic scientist. Children can conduct different experiments with this kit. Kids can learn a lot about forensic testing with this kit.

Ages 10 and up

Where there is a crime scene, there is crime scene tape! Whether you set up your own crime scenes or work with provided crime scenes in kits, be sure to block any interference with this crime scene tape. It is in bright yellow with black letters and measures 3'' wide. You get 1000 feet of the tape.

Give your child the full CSI experience with this CSI embroidered hat. It looks just like those that the forensic scientists on TV wear. What's great is that your child can wear it even when not exploring crime scenes and solving crimes! It has an adjustable velcro closure at the back for a good fit.


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