Four Ways to Shop For Medical Supplies in A Snowstorm

Winter snow storms, blizzards, and nor'easters can be a scary prospect when you depend on medical supplies. Roads can be shut down for travel, and stores may have trouble opening their doors with a full staff, if in fact you are able to navigate the slippery travel.  

Here are some options available now that can help you plan ahead, avoid the winter weather, and make life a little more convenient when it comes to making sure you are stocked up on home medical supplies. 

PillPack - A Simpler Online Pharmacy Service


You've no doubt heard of mail order pharmacy benefits. They've been around for years. But they still only fill prescriptions the old fashioned way: They send you a container with a prescription, and you have to separate out the dosage requirements and take them on schedule. You also have to do this for multiple medications.

Until now. PillPack is a pharmacy service that mails your prescriptions to you, but they take a bigger picture approach. They coordinate all of your prescriptions into one dispenser box. You pull out the dispenser in the order you take the medications, at the right time, in the right amount. The dosage and timing is already done for you, and printed explicitly on each packet.

In a way, it's like receiving your meds in a pre-packaged, pre-sorted pillbox.

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How To Shop For Medical Supplies Online


Shopping online is convenient. You can't beat the efficiency of opening up your computer and placing an order from your medical supplier from the comfort of your own home.

But there are some things you can do to maximize your savings, and make sure you're getting the best deal when shopping online.

  1. Sign up for the automatic reorder programs when you can. These programs often give you a small discount (in the 10% to 20% range) when you sign up. It works like this: You place your order, but the online store keeps your credit card handy, with your permission, to recharge it and ship your supplies regularly. You set up the shipping schedule to fit your needs. For example, some products you may need to re-order every 2 weeks, some every month, and some only every other month. The benefits? You save money, and you never forget to order on time.
  2. Sign up for the medical supply store's "rewards program." Most have them, whether they are small online stores, or the big national chain stores like Walmart or Rite Aid. If you shop consistently from the same store, your points can add up and translate into savings. This is an easy and efficient way to order and save.
  3. You're familiar with the coupon concept I assume? Well, online stores have them too. Your digital coupons, sales, and specials are usually found under a header such as "Savings & Deals" or "Online Deals & Savings".

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Youtube Video Demonstrations of Powered Wheelchairs

Copyright (c) Marc's Mobility

And while you're shopping online from the safety of your home to avoid the blizzard, remember to use the power of YouTube.

Many medical supply stores have set up YouTube videos that demonstrate how to use certain products, how to assemble and disassemble them, and how to evaluate their quality.

The link in this header has several examples of powered wheelchairs that have been video recorded and uploaded onto YouTube so that the retailer can show you how well his reconditioned chairs work. In this example, Marc's Mobility shows you exactly how well various powered wheelchairs handle, turning radius, speed, assembly, and disassembly.

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