Franklin MLB Super Star Batter and Fielder 4-in-1 Pitching Machine

Bring baseball practice home with this skill-building pitching machine.

Franklin MLB Pitching Machine
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With this Franklin pitching machine, young baseball players can work on four different skills at home. The Super Star 4-in-1 uses lightweight plastic balls to help kids take batting practice or field pop flies, grounders, and line drives. The machine is easy to set up and use. It runs on four C batteries (not included).

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Franklin MLB Super Star 4-in-1 Pitching Machine - Pros and Cons


  • Great skill-building for young baseball players
  • Adjustable for four kinds of throws (pitching, pop flies, grounders, line drives)
  • Lightweight; easy to set up and move around
  • Comes with 6 balls (but can hold 9)


  • Balls are lightweight plastic (for safety) so they can be blown easily by the wind
  • Can only be used with these specific balls
  • Pitching mode takes patience to line up so pitches go over the plate

Franklin MLB Super Star 4-in-1 Pitching Machine - Review

When our 6-year-old was about to move up from tee ball to "real" baseball, we wanted to help him get some more practice with batting and fielding. While we spend quite a bit of time playing catch and pitching to him in the backyard, my pitching skills leave a lot to be desired. So we picked up this Super Star Batter and Fielder Multi-Function 4-in-1 Pitching Machine from Franklin Sports to help us out. It throws lightweight plastic balls in four modes: pitching, plus fielding grounders, pop-ups, and line drives.

It's proven to be a big hit with our son and other kids who have tried it. Having a machine spit out balls all by itself right in your backyard is pretty impressive. The machine was a breeze to set up, and it's light enough to move from the garage to the yard or take it with us to a park.

It's also simple to switch from pitching to fielding, so two kids can easily play together.

Both will get plenty of exercise as they swing the bat, race to get under pop flies, chase down grounders, and toss balls back to the machine. One player needs to feed balls into the machine and keep it running; a child could play alone, but would have to spend a lot of time running back and forth to the machine. (The machine can hold up to 9 balls).

The machine offers a good introduction to the basic ball-handling skills of baseball, and using it gives kids good practice with batting and fielding skills. Especially for fielding, the machine throws balls at a good speed and distance. Batting is more challenging; it's harder for the batter to anticipate where the pitch will be. It takes time to determine just where to place the machine and the batter in relation to each other. In all modes, there is some variability to the throws if it's windy outside.

Franklin lists this pitching machine as appropriate for ages 5 to 15. We recommend it for the younger end of this spectrum. It won't be powerful enough for teens; take them to a real batting cage instead.

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