Teach Math Skills With Addition Flash Cards

Printable Flash Cards for at Home & in School

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Don't knock the power of the almighty flash card. Flash cards are some of the most effective teaching tools for all kinds of skills for elementary-aged children and older students. These free addition flash cards are easy to download and print, and they can be used for hours upon hours of math skills practice. These cards cover addition from numbers 1 to 12, and they also include cards with and without answers.

Tips for Printing Math Flash Cards

Each file download prints as two pages. You can either print the entire set or select specific flash cards your child needs practice with. Printer ink can get really expensive, so here's a fantastic, little-known money-saving tip: Print the cards using the "draft quality" setting on your printer. Draft quality actually uses less ink. It prints copies that are a little lighter than regular copies, but it works fine for flash cards. They're just flash cards, after all.

The flash cards below are able to be downloaded as a Microsoft Word document, Rich Text Format and as a PDF.  Once you've got the flash cards printed, learn how to use them effectively. The Constant Time Delay technique is so easy and effective. No wonder it's one of the most widely used teaching strategies.

Flash card games are a fun way to teach addition to your child. In order to get the most out of your flash card session, remember that learning should be fun and enjoyable for both you and your child.

  • Zero with answers:  |  | 
  • Zero without answers: |  | 
  • One with answers:  |  | 
  • One without answers:  |  | 
  • Two with answers:  |  | 
  • Two without answers: |  | 
  • Three with answers:  |  | 
  • Three without answers:   | 
  • Four with answers:  |  | 
  • Four without answers:  | | 
  • Five with answers:  |  | 
  • Five without answers:  |  | 
  • Six with answers:  |  | 
  • Six without answers:  |  | 
  • Seven with answers:  |  | 
  • Seven without answers:  |  | 
  • Eight with answers:  |  | 
  • Eight without answers:  |  | 
  • Nine with answers:  |  | 
  • Nine without answers:  | | 
  • Ten with answers:  |  | 
  • Ten without answers:  |  | 
  • Eleven with answers:  |  | 
  • Eleven without answers:  | | 
  • Twelve with answers:  |  | 
  • Twelve without answers:  |  | 

Blank Flash Card Templates

You could also make your own flash cards with this handy blank flash card template. Use them to teach math or any subject, for that matter.

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