Free Informative Booklets And Breast Cancer Information

Dependable Facts and Advice for Breast Cancer Patients and Supporters

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I went hunting for all the information I could find.  Lots of free booklets and flyers are available, loaded with dependable breast cancer information.  Nowadays, many of these free booklets and brochures are in both print and online format.  Even better, most are written in at least two languages, to be sure everybody is aware of the facts they need to make good breast health decisions.  These free booklets are small enough to slip in your bag or purse, and they won't overwhelm you with loads of information.

Breast Cancer Information Booklets and Publications

These free booklets concentrate on breast cancer information - they are tailored to patients, supporters, and survivors.

American Cancer Society

American Cancer Society
American Cancer Society. Spencer Platt/Staff/Getty Images

American Cancer Society (ACS) has dependable, highly researched information on many types of cancer.  In their section devoted to breast cancer, they have well-organized online material for a detailed guide to breast cancer, an overview, a treatment decision tool, breast cancer statistics, pregnancy and breast cancer, breast reconstruction, lymphedema, prosthesis and hair loss products, research into disease and treatments, as well as extensive information on cancer treatments. 

ACS has a separate section on Male Breast Cancer, offering a detailed guide and survivor stories.

Languages:  English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese

Breast Cancer Network of Strength

Breast Cancer Network of Strength (BCNS) offers 10 free informational brochures.  These brochures cover information for the newly diagnosed patient, clinical trials, HER2 treatment and testing, living with metastatic breast cancer, how to read your pathology report, and breast screening. 

They also provide a brochure for supporters that deals with practical issues, relationships, and emotions.  Their literature is available in print, PDF, and interactive online formats. BCNS was formerly known as Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization. 

Languages:  English, Spanish, Chinese, Hindi, Korean, Russian, Tagalog, and Vietnamese

Cancer and Careers

Cancer and Careers aims their information at the working woman who is dealing with cancer.  Their publications are intensely practical and tailored to women in corporate culture who are at any level of the power chart. 

Their Workbook will help you set up and maintain a health care notebook, while the Most Important Resources brochure lists services, books, and websites you may need.  CAC also has a set of guides to Nutrition, Make-up and Fitness. 

Languages:  English and Spanish


Lance Armstrong
Lance Armstrong. Gail Oskin/Stringer/Getty Images

For you Lance Armstrong cycling fans, be sure to pick up your free set of Guidebooks.  This two-volume set is free, but plan on paying for shipping and handling.  The Livestrong Guidebooks are designed to help you set up your health care notebook, as well as understand how to use the health care system, deal with physical, emotional and practical challenges that come with each phase of cancer diagnosis, treatment and survival. 

Language:  English

Living Beyond Breast Cancer

Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC) has free printed and online booklets to cover your situation from newly diagnosed, making treatment decisions, dealing with emotions – including fear of recurrence, finances, lymphedema, insomnia, fatigue and other treatment side effects. 

They also break out their information into groups by metastatic patients, triple-negative breast cancer, African-Americans, Latinas, young women, high risk women, caregivers and supporters.

Language:  English

Healthy Diet Information

These free booklets help you discover how to eat well during and after breast cancer treatment.

American Institute for Cancer Research

American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) offers a series of six colorful and practical brochures titled "The New American Plate."  Each brochure offers advice on cooking, portion control, meal planning, and recipes.  AICR believes that what we eat, what we weigh, and how active we are affects our risk of cancer. 

These free brochures are available online and in print or in bulk orders.  The advice and recipes are easy to follow and simple to use.  You can learn about breakfast, one-pot meals, comfort foods, veggies, and beans and whole grains.

Language:  English

The Cancer Project

Healthy Eating for Life: Food Choices for Cancer Prevention and Survival is a free book from The Cancer Project, a publication from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. 

If you're thinking of trying a high-fiber vegetarian diet, this may be a good way to ease into a new way of eating. The Cancer Project also has free fact sheets, recipes, and nutritional information to get you through treatment and into survivorhood. 

Languages:  English and Spanish

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