5 Free Apps for Panic Attacks

Panic Attack Self-Help

Panic disorder sufferers are often faced with feelings of nervousness, dread, and apprehension. Panic disorder is characterized by persistent and often unexpected panic attacks. These attacks are typically experienced through a combination of unpleasant physical sensations and disturbing thoughts. The symptoms of panic attacks can be difficult to manage on your own, which causes many people with panic disorder to search for solutions.

Self-help has grown in popularity as a way to help deal with panic and anxiety-related symptoms. There are many self-help books available that can assist you in managing the symptoms of panic disorder.  These books list techniques and exercises that you can complete at your own pace as a way to reduce symptoms.

In recent years, more and more people have been turning to the tech world for apps that similarly offer self-help guidance. Read ahead to learn about the top apps for panic disorder and anxiety.


(Android/iPhone – Free)

Flowy by Playlab London is designed specifically to help lessen panic attacks and claims to be able to help in just six minutes of use. This game-based app can assist you in tracking your panic attacks as a way to better understand your triggers, while helping you reduce anxiety symptoms. The app uses breathing retraining as a means to managing feelings of panic and anxiety.

It will also keep track of your progress, letting you know if symptoms have become worse and when professional help is recommended.

Don’t Panic with Andrew Johnson

(iPhone – Free)

Identifying when panic attacks and anxiety are beginning to take hold can be a key step in helping you manage your symptoms.

This app may be able to help you recognize the onset of symptoms, while providing you with ways to regain control. Don’t Panic with Andrew Johnson uses relaxation and visualization techniques. This app may be able to assist you in learning how to better relax and even eventually help you let go of the constant fear and worry about future panic attacks.

Stop Panic and Anxiety Self-Help

(Android – Free)

Panic attacks can be associated with numerous medical and mental health conditions. Unexpected panic attacks occur suddenly and are the type of attacks that are only associated with panic disorder. This app is specifically for those who are experiencing panic attacks due to panic disorder. It centers on helping the panic sufferer cope with the fear and physical sensations of panic attacks. This app uses psychoeducational tools, relaxation techniques, tracking, and other activities to help you get past panic and anxiety.

Panic Attacks?

(Android/iPhone – Free)

Created by a man who reports to have experienced panic attacks for 14 years , this app offers guided relaxation and other soothing sounds, such as a campfire and the ocean, to help you feel more relaxed and able let go of panic and anxiety.

Panic Attacks? also contains videos that may help you understand more about panic attacks, especially how it impacts your body and ways relaxation techniques can help you cope.

Panic Attack Aid Lite

(iPhone – Free)

When panic attacks strike, it is not unusual for the panic sufferer to experience anxiety-inducing thoughts. For example, when panic symptoms take hold, you may worry about whether or not others are noticing, if your attack is going to escalate, and even may fear that you are going to lose control. Such worries only cause your anxiety to snowball.

Panic Attack Aid Lite offers distraction techniques to help divert your mind from such fear and worry. The distractions can assist in focusing on other thoughts while the panic attack subsides. The full version of this app costs $4.99 and also includes breathing exercises and reassurances to remind you that your attacks will not harm you.

Beyond Self-Help Apps

These free apps can be a great pick me up when feeling panicky, anxious, and stressed throughout your day. However, it is important that you seek professional help if you believe you are suffering from panic attacks and/or anxiety. Panic attacks can be a sign of many different underlying mental health and medical conditions. You will need to be assessed by a clinician in order to be properly diagnosed

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