Free Peppa Pig Coloring and Activity Pages

Free Peppa Pig Coloring Page

Pepppa Pig Coloring page
Young fans of Peppa Pig will enjoy coloring this free Peppa Pig coloring page featuring Peppa, and her little brother George. Right click to open or save and then print. Astley Baker Davies

Is your preschooler a fan of Peppa Pig? A longtime favorite with British children, Peppa Pig  is an award-winning animated series for preschool-aged children that started airing in the U.S. in early 2011. The show follows the daily adventures of Peppa, a loveable, energetic little piggy who lives with her brother George, Mommy Pig and Daddy Pig. It airs on Nick Jr. (check local listings). 

While the show itself is about 22-minutes, the episodes themselves are only about five minutes. Still, a lot is covered in that short period of time -- a problem is introduced and solved, and in the end everyone usually winds up laughing on the floor or jumping in a muddy puddle. 

The characters themselves are very relatable -- Peppa is a preschool-aged child who attends play school (the U.K. version of preschool) and George is her younger brother. They live with Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig, and regularly interact with a fairly large cast of characters -- Grandma and Grandpa Pig, Danny Dog, Rebecca Rabbit, and Suzy Sheep, among others.

The things that Peppa and George do in each episode are things that your own preschooler does on a regular basis -- goes to school or the supermarket, plays with friends, or running around on the playground. Any conflict is resolved quickly, but reasonably and with a dash of good humor (for example, one episode was dedicated to Daddy Pig who tried to return a library book that was overdue by ten years).

Right click to open or save this free Peppa Pig coloring page featuring Peppa and her little brother George. Courtesy of Astley Baker Davies.

Free Peppa Pig Activity Page

Peppa Pig activity sheet
Preschoolers can work on counting and number recognition with this colorful (and free!) Peppa Pig activity page. Right click to open and then print. Astley Baker Davies

Many of the lessons of Peppa Pig are about common socialization and friendship lessons that preschoolers encounter every day -- taking turns, cooperating, and sharing. By watching the show, little ones are able to model good behaviors and learn about how they might act when faced with a similar situation.

While the show isn't especially academically-based, there are still some very basic skills that are covered on occasion. And like their social lessons counterparts, when a young child starts to see favorite characters working on lessons or engaging in positive behavior, they are likely to do the same. 

This free Peppa Pig activity page doesn't include any of the characters (although the coloring page on the previous page does), but it does feature bright colors and whimsically-drawn items that your preschooler can count, while working on number recognition. Print out the page and sit together. If your preschooler doesn't yet know how to write her numbers, that is OK -- you do it for her. Together you can count the items shown, as well as the numbers at the top of the page. You can also encourage your preschooler to draw a line from the items in the boxes to the correct number.

Right click to open or save this free Peppa Pig activity page featuring lessons and counting and number awareness. Courtesy of Astley Baker Davies.

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