Printable Dental Activities, Games, Puzzles

Free Printables to Educate and Entertain

Mother and daughter playing crosswords puzzle
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Games, puzzles, coloring pages, word searches - there are lots of quiet, independent dental activities that are plenty of fun for kids that are perfect to keep at home or in the waiting room at your dental practice. Below are links to free printable dental games and puzzles.

With the help of an adult or older child, these activities can be made friendly for children of all ages, but those in first grade and above will get the most enjoyment out of these fun games and puzzles.

Dental Crossword Puzzles

Print out these dental health crossword puzzle for your young, budding wordsmith. Can you think of a 10 letter word for a paste made for cleaning your teeth?

Dental Health Word Search

Don't let your eyes fool you, because there really are dental health words hidden deep within these letter jungles.

Dental Coloring Pages

This collection of free coloring pages will help educate kids about the importance of taking good care of their teeth and gums.

More Dental Activities

These word jumbles, mazes, and other fun dental activities will keep kids occupied during downtime or while sitting in the waiting room at the dentist:

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