Frequently Asked Questions About Vasectomy

Do You Know the Answers to These FAQs About Vasectomies?

A doctor in an operating room.
A doctor in an operating room. Portra Images/Getty Images

A vasectomy is a surgical procedure men can receive in order to prevent the possibility that they will impregnate a sexual partner. This procedure is meant to be permanent and it can be important to gather as much information as possible about both the surgery and the after-effects before making the decision to go through with one.

To that end, here are some of the most commonly asked questions about vasectomies, with links to great articles that go into greater detail about both the procedure the ways in which various men react to it.

How is a Vasectomy Operation Performed?

During the procedure for a vasectomy, a man's vas deferens is severed, and then sealed, so as to prevent sperm from entering into the ejaculatory fluid. This post goes into a bit more detail about this process.

How Long Does a Vasectomy Operation Take?

The reason men in committed relationships so often get vasectomies is because it is a much less invasive process than any sterilizing procedure women must go through.

Will I Be in Pain Following a Vasectomy?

People can experience the procedure in different ways. This post will give you a feel for the range of sensations you might experience, and what you can do if you are in pain.

Will I Need to Take Time Off Work Following My Vasectomy?

Again, each person's experience can be different, but this post will give you a better idea of that range of experience.

How Soon Can I Have Sex After a Vasectomy?

You won't be automatically sterile immediately following the procedure.

Click through for information on how long you should wait to have sex, and what you need to do in order to confirm that you're in the clear.

Will I Need Help Getting Home Following a Vasectomy?

It's always good to have someone with you in the event that you're experiencing discomfort. Click through to read about what you may be feeling immediately following your vasectomy.

Are There Any Surgical Complications or Side Effects I Should Worry About?

As with any surgical procedure, there is always the risk of possible side effects. This link will take you to a more in-depth post about the side effects that do sometimes exist for those who get a vasectomy. This post also addresses those rare cases where impregnation does occur following the procedure, including the various reasons why this might happen.

The Bottom Line

Of course, a vasectomy is not the only permanent form of contraception, and there are reversible methods as well. Be sure to do your homework and read about all of the options available to you and your partner before undergoing this permanent procedure.

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