From Loss Comes Strength


About Smoking Cessation support forum member, Gail has a talent for poetry that she put to good use when she quit smoking.  You can read more from Gail at her website, Lady Gabrielle.  

From Loss Comes Strength
©Gail C. Berreitter

You have lived in my life a long time
You have flourished in my memories
Gone now, but with your spirit still alive
I watch cautiously as each day passes
Ever vigilant for your cruel lies.

There were many things I wanted to do,
So many words I wanted to say
But I was mesmerized by your touch.
Through days of sorrow and anguish and pain
I couldn't find the words to say goodbye.

I had to find the strength to let you go
To lay you down to rest eternally.
I thought I was so very fortunate
To have had you all these wonderful years
but your deceiving ways have taught me much.

I remember how hard it was at first
I think of all the tears shed when you left
I became so bewildered and lost
You were a ghost violating my mind
Trying once again to captivate me.

You, in your Machiavellian custom
Thought I would become putty in your hands.
You disregarded my strength deep within.
You forgot that I have survived loss.
That I made it through the stresses of death.

I have lived most of my life with you
But I can no longer love you this way.
My mind does not want my body to rot.
Four months of suffering the loss of you
I am now free from your demonic ways.

Written in celebration of my 4th month of freedom from nicodemon.

No More
©Gail C. Berreitter

No More I have loved fully
For years on end
A radiant soul
Captivated by your lies
And the smooth conveyance
Of your genteel words.
No more will I succumb
To the infidelity
Of your vocabulary.

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