Fun and Healthy Gifts for Dieters and Exercisers

Healthy Gift Ideas for Dieters, Healthy Eaters and Exercisers

healthy holiday gift ideas
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Do you have a healthy eater or a regular exerciser on your gift list this year? If so, you can support their active lifestyle and good diet choices with a fun and creative gift.

These holiday gifts for dieters and exercisers are great for anyone who likes to eat well, work out often and look good in the process.  

Activity Tracker

Fitbit Ionic

If the loved one on your list needs the hottest new tech devices, then invest in an activity tracker or fitness monitor. There are many great brands available and you'll find one at almost every price point. Check out great devices by brands like Misfit, Garmin, Fitbit, Polar, and many others.

If your loved one is also in the market for a smartwatch, consider the Fitbit Ionic (shown), a fitness tracker that has all the features of a high-end smartwatch. It tracks steps, calories burned, sleep and other essential fitness data, but also stores and plays music, shows notifications (like text messages and emails) on an interactive color screen and even has built-in GPS so you don't have to carry a phone to track distance or pace during a run. Like other popular smartwatches, Ionic comes in different colors and band styles.

Hydaway Collapsible Bottle

HYDAWAY Bottle 21 ounce

Dieters who like to drink a lot of water will love The Hydaway Bottle, a reusable water bottle that’s portable, easy to use, and collapsible.  This handy hydrater folds down to easily to fit in almost any pocket, purse or briefcase.

All Hydaway bottles feature an easy to use, flip-up straw for quick sips, carabiner-friendly carry handle, and come with a Watertight Guarantee. It's dishwasher safe and retails for $20 at   

Calm and Confidence

Spire Calmness tracker

Of course, you can't buy calm or confidence and wrap it up for your loved one to unwrap. But you can buy him or her a device that helps boost those qualities themselves. 

Spire (pictured above) is a new device that helps track your breathing patterns during the day. The tracker helps you to become more mindful of your stress levels throughout your daily activities. For some dieters, it may help them to curb mindless eating that happens during moments of anxiety or stress. 

You can also help your loved one develop greater confidence with device that monitors posture. There are several on the market including devices by Lumo and others. Improved posture can lead to an improved sense of body awareness and self-confidence.

Workout Clothing

workout clothes

Who doesn't love new duds for the gym?  Depending on your budget, you can buy new socks (always a good gift!) or a completely new outfit.

Is the man or woman in your life a yoga fan? Some brands make workout apparel specifically designed to work well on the mat. Manduka (pictured above) makes clothing for men and women in sizes ranging from XS to XL. They also make great mats and accessories to round out your gift. 

Sparkling Beverage System

Bonne O Sparkling Water Machine
Bonne O

Smart dieters and healthy eaters drink more water all day. Sparkling water is a favorite among many. But the bottled water you buy in the stores can be expensive. 

Bonne O makes a beverage system that infuses your water with sparkle. You can even use the system to bubble wine, tea and other drinks as well. And unlike similar carbonation systems, this one does not use a CO2 cartridge.

The device sells for $149.99 at home stores and online at

Disclosure: Some review samples of products for this gift guide were provided by the manufacturer.

Workout Hair Bands or Headbands

Sugar hair ties by Milk and Sass
Milk and Sass.

Need a stocking stuffer? Headbands are perfect for women with short or long hair. You'll find them in almost every store that carries workout apparel and they generally cost $20 or less.

Does the lady in life wear a ponytail when she works out? Women who work out hate it when hair ties leave a kink in their hair.  But Sugar Twists by Milk and Sass (pictured) eliminate that problem. These cute and colorful hair ties are fun and easy to use.  And at just $7.95 for a six pack, they make a great stocking stuffer. 

Gym Bag or Backpack

Handbag as a gym bag
Handbag as a gym bag. PixieMood

A stylish and organized gym bag makes a great gift for an active exerciser. Why? Handbags are usually not big enough to carry workout gear and essentials and smart gym-goers keep their essentials handy so they are always ready for a session.

Not sure what kind of bag to buy? You can choose one that does double duty. The Jessica Backpack (pictured) retails for $77.50 at It's made from vegan leather and has a front pocket for your cell phone or gym card and a magnetic closure to keep your bigger items safe and secure. 

SPIbelt Walking and Running accessories

essential walking and running accessories

Is there a walker or runner on your gift list? If so, the SPIbelt makes a great gift. The SPI carries all of your small personal items (hence the name, SPI) and zips shut to keep them all secure.  You can also attach accessories like a water bottle to the waist belt for longer activities when you need hydration.

SPIbelts start at $19.99 and you can find the belt in a variety of colors along with fun accessories at

Online Workout Subscription

woman exercising at home
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Gym memberships make great gifts for active loved ones, but sometimes there isn't a gym nearby. Or perhaps your loved one's schedule prevents him or her from getting to the health club on a regular basis.

If that is the case, then consider giving a membership to an online fitness class website. provides classes for beginners, intermediate exercisers and even some classes for advanced fitness fanatics. A monthly membership is available for $12/month.

Armband for Walkers and Runners

arm band for runner
Griffin Technology

Keep your loved one safe during evening or early morning outdoor workouts. The Griffin LightRunner Universal Armband helps you jog or walk more safely. LED lights on the band can be set to glow at different flash patterns so drivers and speedy cyclists can't miss you.

The comfy neoprene armband sells for $39.99 and can be purchased at

Comfy (and Supportive) Slippers

best slippers for exercisers

Nothing feels better at the end of the day than sliding your feet into a pair of comfy slippers. But some slippers are especially good for dieters and exercisers.  Good foot health is essential if you are trying to burn more calories all day long.

Slippers by Vionic offer arch support to help rejuvenate your feet and also come with a rubber sole so they can be worn indoors and outdoors. The Juniper Slipper (pictured) sells for $79.95 and comes in a variety of colors. Other Vionic slipper styles are available on their website and in retail stores.

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