Fun Halloween Games for Kids

Prepare a few Halloween games to keep the kids entertained.
Fun Halloween games don't have to cost anything. Be inventive and the kids will have fun. Photo: Jeffrey Collingwood,

Is your preteen planning a Halloween party? Throwing a Halloween party is a great way to include older children in the annual celebration of Halloween. But make sure you plan plenty of fun Halloween games for kids. There are dozens of ways you can keep your tweens occupied, in between dancing and eating great Halloween party food. Below are just a few Halloween tips for your seasonal celebration.

Halloween Games for Kids

How Many Candy Corn?

Fill a large see-through glass or plastic canister with two or three bags of candy corn.

When the children arrive to the party, have them guess how many candy corn are in the container. The child who comes closest to the actual number wins a prize. The runner up can take home the jar of candy corn.

Toilet Tissue Mummy

This is a great Halloween game for kids that also promotes teamwork and ingenuity. Divide the group into two or three teams, depending on the size of your crowd. Give each team 3-5 rolls of white, inexpensive toilet paper. Each team then picks a member of the team to dress up as a mummy. The team with the most realistic looking mummy wins.

Pumpkin Relay

The pumpkin relay is just like a traditional relay race, but the team members have to race with a small plastic pumpkin in-between their knees. This is a very funny race to watch and even more fun to play.

Draw a Face on the Jack-O-Lantern

As children arrive to the party, have them cut out a jack-o-lantern from orange construction paper.

Tape the paper pumpkins to a wall (that's been covered in white butcher paper) at about eye height. Take turns blindfolding the children, then after spinning them around three times, have them draw the face on their jack-o-lantern.

Play Costume Freeze

When selecting Halloween games for kids, always select one or two that gets them moving, and offers a little bit of exercise.

Costume freeze is one such game. Dressed in their outfits, have them dance to fun Halloween music. But when the music stops, they freeze in place.

Hold a Dance-A-Thon

Give the kids some serious and fun exercise with a dance-a-thon. Create a playlist of Halloween dance music, and then see which dancer lasts longest on the dance floor. Competitive tweens may be willing to dance for quite a while, so be sure your playlist is long.

Additional Tip for Parents

Be sure to take lots of pictures of the kids enjoying their games -- you can even print a few for them to look at and enjoy while they're munching on their Halloween goodies. Encourage the kids to take photos of their own to share on their social media sites.

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