Fun Halloween Recipes for Kids

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Having the little ghouls over for a Halloween party or do you just want to make a scary snack for your little goblins? Here is our ever growing list of Halloween recipes for all kinds of yucky stuff and fun! If you have any Halloween recipes to share, please feel free to send them on to me, email me. These can be either edible Halloween recipes or Halloween craft recipes.

This list of Halloween recipes is part of a larger resource of Halloween fun for teens.

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  • Candied Bugs and Slugs Mix
    Doesn't that sound so yummy. Easy to make Halloween recipe that all will love.
  • Witch's Brooms
    Cute Halloween snack for witches and wizards. This is also a great dish for Harry Potter type Halloween parties.
  • Halloween Pretzel Wands
    These are great fun to make for school parties and such - but I would only give them out on Halloween as a treat for kids you know.
  • Nuclear Waste Punch
    You can add a glow stick to this Halloween punch recipe and really make it spooky looking. Just be sure the glow stick is clean before adding.
  • Halloween Trail Mix
    This fun treat goes hand-in-hand with a haunted Halloween hike or for a hayride.
  • Mummy Dogs
    Makes a quick dinner for Halloween night - so you can get to the fun stuff faster.
  • Snakes in the Grass
    These are fun Halloween sandwiches, but most teens are okay with them. Preteens seem to go for them more. But if your teen is babysitting or doing anything with younger children, print this recipe out for him/her.
  • Maggot Stew
    Very easy Halloween recipe for a filling meal before the festivities. You can make it ahead in the crock pot too.
  • Spooky Halloween Pizza
    Add whatever topping you like, just call them different things like 'eye of newt' for black olives or gopher guts for sausage or hamburger.
  • Halloween Milkshake
    Good drink recipe for a Halloween breakfast.
  • Witches Warts
    This is such a gross idea for such a yummy Halloween treat.
  • Monster Toes
    A twist on everyone's favorite cocktail party snack.
  • Garlic Bread stick Bones
    This Halloween recipe goes great with my favorite dinner recipe, Spaghetti and Eyeballs, which is found below.
  • Frightening Fingers
    This Halloween recipes uses some of my favorite candy. I love these peanut things! This is straight candy, prepare for the spooky sugar rush in teens.
  • Halloween Popcorn Balls
    Popcorn balls are a classic Halloween recipe. Add Halloween treats and voilà!
  • S'more Eyeballs
    A spooky take off of an old Girl Scout favorite.
  • Spicy Bat Wings
    This Halloween recipe is more of a 'make this and call it that' idea. Wings are always a hit at teen parties.
  • Booberry Shake
    Another nutritious Halloween treat. Halloween isn’t just candy anymore, hehe. This snack drink should be made for small groups or do a make-your-own table at a Halloween party where you keep the milk in the refrigerator.
  • Edible Spooky Spiders
    These creep me out. I hate spiders, so this is something my family always wants me to make every Halloween.
  • Swamp Water Punch
  • Brittle Meringue Bones with Radioactive Dip
  • How to Roast Pumpkin Seeds
    Perfect treat for when you are carving the Halloween pumpkin.

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