7 Fun Home Indoor Birthday Party Ideas for Preschoolers

Celebrating a birthday during a cold spell? Bring the fun indoors!

Indoor birthday party ideas
Celebrating a birthday for your preschooler? Try some of these fun indoor birthday party themes. Stuart Gregory

 My daughter was born in the dead of winter, something she has lamented every single year since she has realized that it limits her birthday party celebrations quite a bit. No warm-weather pool birthday parties like the kind her summer-born mother used to have. No park soirees like her younger brother who was born in the spring gets to celebrate with. Not even a fall baseball game bash that her older brother seems to favor.

Nope. It's winter when my daughter turns a year older. And where we lives, that means snow, not sun.

But an indoor birthday party doesn't have to be boring -- in fact often indoor birthday party themes can offer guests and the guest of honor the most fun, even if your birthday celebrant gets to celebrate on a fine day in June. Whether you decide to have your party at home, a themed birthday party place, or someplace else entirely, indoor birthday parties are great because you never have to have an inclement weather date (unless you get snowed in of course!), you don't have to account for the elements (bugs, sun, heat, wind, etc), and the theme possibilities are endless.

Check out these seven fun indoor birthday party themes for preschoolers. Have a wonderful celebration!

  • Drive-in Movie: Movie parties are a lot of fun, but if you'd like to save some money, keep the kids at home. Plus, this party gets the kids thinking creatively too! Get a bunch of cardboard boxes and have the kids turn them into cars. (Paper plates make for great tires and steering wheels!) "Park" them in the room where you will be showing the movie and serve fun movie snacks.
  • Holiday: What is your preschooler's favorite holiday? Turn it into a celebration! Whether your preschooler loves Christmas, Halloween, or something else, haul out the decorations and celebrate your little one's special day around that theme. The young guests will get a kick out of celebrating a favorite day twice in one year!
  • Art Creations: If you've got a big room and patience for big messes, a creative art party might be just the thing for you! You can either give the kids a specific project to create or, cover the room and tables in drop cloths, but out a bunch of art supplies (clay, paint, crayons, markers, etc.) and let the kids have fun. 
  • Beach Party!: Sure, you are indoors, but it doesn't mean you can't go to the beach! Serve food and drinks in pails and shovels and fill kiddie pools with inflatable beach balls or ball pit balls. Play beachy music and lay out towels for kids to eat on. Top off with a fun summer-themed craft or by doing some sand art!
  • Glow-in-the-Dark: Probably better for older preschoolers, all you need for a fun glow-in-the-dark party are glow sticks and music! Turn off the lights and let the kids dance. Other activities could include creating t-shirts using glow-in-the-dark fabric paint, and making sculptures with glow-in-the-dark Play Doh or clay.
  • Tea Party: Ask each of your invited guests to bring a favorite stuffed animal guest of their own and you have the makings for a fun celebration! Serve different kinds of sandwiches, and iced tea and lemonade in fancy cups. (You can find "fine china" at the Dollar Store.)
  • Treasure Hunt: This theme requires some advance planning, but is a lot of fun and keeps the kids really busy. You do need a big space. Create a treasure map with directions and clues for kids to follow leading to a treasure. Because most preschoolers can't read yet, use picture clues to get them to go where you need them to. For more fun, have them do activities at each clue spot. It can be as simple as "Do 10 jumping jacks," to more complex: "Color a picture of your favorite food." The treasure can be the birthday cake or a treasure chest of prizes for all to enjoy.

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