Fun Ideas for an Active Date Night

Thinking about skipping your workout to go on a date? Think again. An "active date" can be a great way to spend time with someone new or spark a little life into your current relationship. We are all guilty of “getting into a rut” with how we spend our time. Dinner or a movie, right? Or are you more into binging on the latest Netflix show? How about changing it up and getting active together?

The Benefits of Active Dates

Have more fun with your partner by choosing active date nights like ice skating.

Choosing active dates might do more than you think. Aside from the obvious benefits or regular exercise, it turns out your sex life might get a little boost too! According to the Mayo Clinic, regular physical activity can lead to enhanced arousal for women, and men who exercise regularly are less likely to have problems with erectile dysfunction than men who don't exercise.

If you’re afraid a new activity will make you look silly to your partner, or think he or she is afraid of failing at something in front of you, there’s a solution. Choose an activity that is new to both of you. The fun is often in the unknown and the challenge. The whole idea is to find something you both enjoy, but trying something new can be a great way to bond. Here are some fun ideas!


Whether it’s ice skating or roller skating, this is one activity that will bring you back to your youth. You can try and find a way to make it happen outside or go to any of the indoor rinks that are available. Find an open skate night where they play music and have some fun falling and getting up together! It’s a great excuse to hold hands.


One of the great things about the “Dancing with the Stars” phenomenon is its reintroduction of ballroom dance to regular people! Take dance lessons together or find a swing-dance club near you. Dancing is fun, great exercise, burns tons of calories and something everyone can do. Well, sort of. But hey—even if you have two left feet, it’s still fun!

Destination Walk

Not only is walking a great low-impact exercise but taking a walk together is the perfect way to slow down and enjoy each other's company. There’s no competition, no learning curve and all the opportunity in the world to carry on a conversation. How about a sunset walk to the coffee shop? Perhaps a morning walk to a local breakfast dive? If you live near parks, trails or lakes—take advantage of the beauty! 

Sign Up for a Race

The 5k or 10k race options are endless nowadays! Choose a Saturday morning or find one on a Wednesday night.  Maybe the two of you can decide based on the charity the race supports. Signing up together with no threat of “racing”, but rather just enjoying the run or walk together. Bonus: how cute will you be in your matching race t-shirts?

Stand Up Paddleboarding

Once you learn the basics of paddleboarding—such as balancing and staying upright on the board—you can make it a great date because of the slow pace and quiet atmosphere it requires.You can continue to move but continue to carry on a conversation as well.The movement is only part of the benefit—paddleboarding is an excellent core strengthener.

Rock Climbing

No, I’m not suggesting you travel out west and head for the hills. Rock climbing walls are everywhere, from specially-designed climbing centers to a rock-climbing wall at your local gym or sporting goods store. Rock climbing is a great way to build strength, get your heart rate up, and challenge your mind as you soar to new heights.

Partner Yoga

If one or both of you have tried yoga before, it can be a great way to slow down and connect with the present moment—and each other. You can attend a regular class together or look online for a “partner yoga” class. These classes are designed for the two of you to practice with the help of the instructor guiding the movements. You’ll get a deeper stretch and some pretty steamy poses that might set the rest of the night up to be pretty good!