Fun Outdoor Skills for Tweens

Get your tween outside to learn these fun skills

Your own backyard can be a great place to spend a fun earth day with kids.
Help your tween learn basic outdoor skills.

If you wish your tween were more enthusiastic about getting outdoors to enjoy nature, it might be that your child just needs to learn a few fun outdoor skills. Help your tween make the most of a day outside, a campout, or a family vacation by showing her a few basic outdoor activities and skills. Who knows, you and your child might discover a new shared interest or hobby, and you may help your child foster a love for nature and outdoor conservation and appreciation.

Fun Outdoor Activities for Your Tween

How to Make a Fire: Fire building is one of the first skills many outdoor lovers choose to master. Be sure you and your child understand campfire safety, as well as how to properly control a fire and how to properly extinguish one. It is absolutely necessary that you always have a bucket of water near a campfire, in case you need to quickly extinguish it or control it. Research various fire building techniques, such as building a tee pee fire, an a-frame fire, or a lean to fire. Your tween should also know the difference between tinder, kindling and fuel, as well as several ways to make your own fire starters. 

How to Be an Outdoor Cook: If you can't have fun cooking outdoors than maybe outdoor activities just aren't for you. Cooking outdoors on a campfire is a great way for your tween to embrace outdoor fun. Make s'mores, banana boats, or roast hot dogs over hot coals.

Other fun outdoor recipes are foil packs, dutch oven recipes. or cooking in a box oven or a solar oven. There are numerous websites and books that can get you and your tween started on outdoor culinary adventures. 

How to Read Weather Signs: Your tween should know how to keep himself safe, as well as anyone he is with when he's enjoying the outdoors.

Outdoor safety is a skill every outdoorsman should know, and that includes the ability to read weather signs. Have your tween research ways to know when it's time to head indoors due to weather. Lightening, thunderstorms and strong winds all pose dangers, as does potential flooding and even heat and sun related dangers. 

How to Identify Nature: One of the pleasures of being outdoors is learning about the environment around you. Help your tween learn how to identify plants, animals, habitats, clouds, and even different rocks and minerals. Guide books and websites will prove helpful, as will apps that might help you identify objects with just a simple photo. 

How to Leave Things The Way You Found Them: It's important that anyone who spends leisure time outdoors knows that respect for the environment is imperative. Teach your tween to leave his campsite the way he found it, and that means picking up trash, and removing any evidence that you were there. Be careful that you don't leave behind food or anything that wildlife can get into and that might be harmful. All fires must be completely extinguished. In addition, if you find trash on a trail or at your campsite that isn't yours, it's your responsibility to make sure it ends up in a trash can or recycle bin, if possible.


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