Fun Party Activities for a Tween Birthday

Children Bowlers
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Planning a birthday party is always fun and tweens are old enough to want to plan their own parties. Activities are an important part of any birthday celebration, and your child will want his friends to have a good time. Below are a few fun party activities that you and your child might want to consider when planning the next birthday milestone. Once you have your activities set, then you can think about the food and of course, the goody bags.

Go Bowling

Bowling alleys are a fun place to throw a birthday party, and many bowling alleys even offer special packages for birthdays. Packages usually include bowling and shoe rental, a slice of pizza for each guest, a drink, and a token bowling pin for the birthday girl or boy to take home. Don't worry if you have children who have never bowled before. It's easy to catch on, and many alleys have gutter wings that prevent gutter balls, and make it easy for first timers.

Go to the Movies

Grab the kids, pack them in the van and head to the movies for some birthday fun. Call ahead and see if the movie theatre offers a party room for your guests. They may even provide snacks and drinks, making the planning easier for you.

Go Skating

Roller rinks and ice rinks are another option for fun party activities. The children get to skate and the rink will usually plan an activity or two for the party guests.

A party room gives you space to put all the presents, cake, and snacks and lets you have a little privacy from the other patrons of the rink.

Take a Dip

If your child's birthday is in the summer, your community pool might be the best place for a party. Just be sure your child's friends can swim. If not, it might be necessary to ask their parents to stay and help supervise.

Ask the pool if you can reserve a few tables and umbrellas for the guests and presents. Be sure to also ask if you can bring your own food and snacks. Pools usually require all dishes, cups, and other items to be made of plastic -- glass is a hazard around bare feet. Don't forget to bring sunscreen for kids who don't have it, and offer plenty of drinks in hot and humid weather to your swimmers.

Go to the Mall

Believe it or not, the mall can be a great place for a tween party. For an activity, you could conduct a mall scavenger hunt. Divide your group into two teams (or three, depending on the size of your party). Give each group an adult or teen supervisor and find items on your scavenger hunt list. You could have the kids ask clerks for free items, such as business cards, a hanger, a shopping bag, a price tag, etc. Or you could have the children take pictures of items in the storesĀ if the stores will allow you to. Be creative and have fun with it. Then head to the food court for snacks, cake, and presents.

Stay at Home

Sometimes, staying at home for the birthday party is the best idea. You can have a sleepover, or just let the kids have fun in the backyard while you prepare a special birthday dinner.

Scavenger hunts, relay races, crafts, and movies can keep them occupied. Or, break out the music and just let them dance. Offer an ice cream sundae bar, or have them decorate their own cupcakes, and everyone will leave the party with the memory of a good time.

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