40 Fun Ideas for Preschool Class Valentine's

What your little one can give to friends on February 14

Classroom valentine's
Is your preschooler handing out classroom valentine's? Try some of these ideas!. Elizabethsalleebauer

Is your preschooler handing out Valentine's this year for Valentine's Day? It's always fun to exchange notes with friends and classmates to celebrate February 14. This year, instead of having your preschooler sign his or her name to boxed cards, try some of these fun and creative ideas instead.

Fun Ideas for Preschool Class Valentine's for Valentine's Day

You can put one of each of these items in a small bag with your child's name or include a few of each.

Also, check with your child's teacher if your Valentine's should be addressed to every child in the class or if they would prefer that your child just sign his or her name (it makes it easier to pass them out that way).

Non-food treats (all Valentine's Day themed)

To find these items in a Valentine's Day theme, try your local party store, craft store, Amazon, Oriental Trading, Michaels, or similar websites. Shop around! Many retailers offer discounts and free shipping. Suggested messages for your card or gift tag follow the item.

  1. Red, white, or pink bouncy balls -- Have a ball, Valentine!
  2. Pencils -- You are right on point, Valentine!
  3. Bookmarks -- I'll always have a place for you in my heart, Valentine!
  4. Erasers -- I could never forget you, Valentine!
  5. Packs of crayons -- You color my world, Valentine!
  6. Small stuffed animals -- Want to snuggle, Valentine?
  7. Small toy cars -- You make my heart race, Valentine!
  1. Small inflatable beach balls -- You and I could have a ball together, Valentine!
  2. Glow sticks -- You light up my life, Valentine
  3. Temporary heart tattoos -- Have my heart, Valentine!
  4. Bubbles -- Don't pop my bubble, say you'll be mine!
  5. Ruler -- You rule, Valentine!
  6. Toy airplanes -- You are plane awesome, Valentine!
  1. Toy whistles -- Blow me a kiss, Valentine!
  2. Toy trucks -- I like how you roll, Valentine (also cute for a pair of dice)
  3. Slime -- Be my Valen-slime! (Will you be my Valen-slime?)
  4. A small bag of marbles -- You are simply marbelous, Valentine!
  5. Bag of toy insects (for kids who aren't crazy about hearts) -- You drive me buggy, Valentine!
  6. Pail and shovel -- I dig you, Valentine!
  7. Mini bottles of soap or hand sanitizer -- I was soapin' you would be my Valentine!

Food treats

Like the non-edible counterparts above, you can find many of these items at party stores and online retailers. Place into a plastic zippered sandwich-sized bags or containers specially made for food. Some of these ideas also work well if you are asked to bring in treats for a Valentine's Day party. 

Please note: some schools do not permit students or parents to hand out food in the classroom for various reasons, or only allow certain types of food -- healthy, store-bought, homemade, etc. Before handing out food in your child's classroom, it's a good idea to check with the teacher to find out what the policy is.

  1. Chocolate coins -- Don't ever change, Valentine!
  2. Bag of Hershey's Kisses and hugs -- Hugs and kisses for you, Valentine!
  3. Gummy bears -- Bear hugs for you, Valentine!
  1. Clementine oranges -- Be my Clementine! (Will you be my Clementine?)
  2. Bag of Goldfish crackers -- You are the only fish in the sea for me, Valentine!
  3. Bag of animal crackers -- You make me go wild, Valentine!
  4. Donut holes -- Donut you know? I like you a hole lot, Valentine!
  5. Package of hot chocolate -- You warm my heart, Valentine!
  6. Pack of gum -- Won't chew be mine, Valentine?
  7. Packages of Teddy Grahams -- Here's a bear hug, Valentine!
  8. Packages of alphabet cookies -- Do I have to spell it out? You're my Valentine!
  9. Any type of individual pie (such as Hostess) -- You're my sweetie pie, Valentine!
  10. Bag of strawberries, cut in half (to look like a heart) -- Here's my heart, Valentine!
  1. Green and orange chocolate candies in a bag -- We go together like peas and carrots, Valentine!
  2. Bag of gummy worms -- I'm hooked on you, Valentine!
  3. Bananas -- You drive me bananas, Valentine!
  4. Bag of popcorn (make sure all the children are over age 3) -- You make my heart POP, Valentine!
  5. Mini boxes of dried cereal -- I CEREALously like you, Valentine!
  6. Mini-Smore (graham cracker square, chocolate bar square, marshmallow) -- You melt my heart, Valentine!
  7. Whole pears or pear fruit cups -- We make a great pair, Valentine!

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