Fun Valentine's Day Activities for Tweens

Keep your tween having fun with these Valentine's Day projects

Every season has it's celebration, and winter is no different. Valentine's Day is a fun annual event that preteens still enjoy. While your older child may no longer exchange Valentine's Day cards at school, there's still fun ways he or she can enjoy the day. If your tween is looking forward to Valentine's Day, or if your child pretends to be too old to enjoy the day, consider these Valentine's day activities for older kids.


Find a few fun Valentine's Day activities for your tween and her friends.
A great party is a fun Valentine's Day activity that any tween would love. Photo: jhansen2,

The best way to enjoy any holiday or event is to throw a party. A Valentine's day party will get everyone in the mood, and there are so many ways you can decorate and have fun, without spending much at all. Offer a few Valentine's day activities, crafts or games, and plenty of festive food, of course. You can even consider a theme to the party. You could have a chocolate tasting party, a trivia party, or a "matchmaker" party where you match each guest with a celebrity. Have fun with the theme and your guests will, too.


Throw a Great Classroom Party

Are you in charge of this year's classroom party? Have fun organizing and enjoying your child's classroom Valentine party. Bring lots of activities, games and of course, food.

Parent/Child Valentine's Day Activities

If you want to enjoy the Valentine's Day event with your child, take the day off from chores and have a little fun. Spending the day baking, or watching movies together is a wonderful way to let your preteen know you love him. 


No list of Valentine's day activities would be complete without a fun movie suggestion or two. There are a number of sweet movies that are romantic and appealing to the preteen crowd. And remember, not every movie has to be about romantic love. Sometimes the love between a parent and child, or between friends is just as compelling to watch.



You make cookies at Christmas, die eggs at Easter, but what do you do for Valentine's Day? Why, you make a batch of Valentine's Day Snack Mix, of course. Proof that Valentine's day activities can be fun to make, and to eat!



Need a few ideas for a Valentine's day gift for your preteen daughter or niece? These ideas are sweet, inexpensive and as much fun to give as they are to receive.


Share Ideas: How Does Your Tween Celebrate Valentine's Day?

What are your tween's favorite Valentine's day activities? Does she love making Valentine cards, baking a heart-shaped cake, or is there something else your child enjoys about the annual tradition? What makes Valentine's day special for your tween?

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