Fun Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

Even When You Aren't Irish!

St Patricks Day
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Everyone enjoys St. Patrick's Day. It doesn't matter what your real heritage is; at least on St. Patrick's Day, you can be Irish! Here are some ideas for you and your kids so you can enjoy the day.

Make an Edible Pot of Gold

This is fun and really simple. All you need are some Oreo cookies, some gold spray icing, and a clean pot. Ideally, you would have a simple plastic cauldron, but any kind of pot will work.

Open the package of Oreo cookies and line the cookies up on a sheet of wax paper. Spray the cookies with the gold icing. Let the icing dry. Then turn the cookies over and spray the other side with the gold icing. Once the second side of the cookies is dry, you can place them in the pot. Then you have a pot of edible gold! The kids can have a lot of fun with this activity - and they'll have fun eating the cold "coins."

Make Green Food

No, I don't mean that you should fix broccoli, spinach, or Brussels sprouts for the kids. I mean that you should add a little green food coloring to some of the foods that the kids like to eat. Pancakes, for example, can become green thanks to a few drops of green food coloring, and they'll be just as tasty. And yes, pancakes can be eaten for dinner!

Green food coloring can also be added to a number of other foods like oatmeal and vanilla pudding. It can also be added to whipped cream which can then be put on vanilla ice cream.

Or it can be added to sugar cookie dough. If your kids are adventurous, you can even turn their milk green!

Listen to Irish Music and Sing some Irish Songs

No need to rush out to buy some good Irish music. You can find some online to listen to. The Comhaltas Website has several Irish songs that you can listen to.

You might have more fun, though, singing some Irish songs like "The Unicorn Song." has a number of great Irish sing-along songs, along with the lyrics!

Watch Videos of Irish Dancing

I could watch Irish dancing all day long. I love the music and love the dancing. Here are some great videos to watch:

Learn the History of Irish Dancing

You might be interested in learning the history of Irish dancing. If you notice, you'll see that the dancers don't move their arms, unlike most other forms of dancing. Why is that? Costumes are also a major part of Irish dancing. How did the costumes come to be what they are?

Read Some Irish Stories

The Baldwin Project Web site has a number of Celtic fairy tales for you and the kids to read.

Make Some St. Patrick's Day Crafts

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