6 Fun Ways for Your Family to Exercise

Yes, you can work out and like it!

fun ways to exercise - kickball
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Finding fun ways to exercise is the best approach to adding fitness to your family’s life and sticking with it. Think of it like schoolwork: We often look for ideas that make learning a game for our kids. And we can do the same with exercise. Plus, fun fitness is a family activity that’s great to share. It benefits everyone and it’s (generally) screen-free.

Of course, what’s fun for my family may not be fun for yours.

But I think you’ll find some activities on this list that work for you. Laughing is encouraged. After all, it’s a workout for your core!

Fun Ways to Exercise: Child’s Play

Activities like sledding, jumping rope, and playing kickball are all fun for kids, but they also deliver a healthy calorie burn. The same goes for roller skating, ice skating, and bike or scooter riding. Sprinkle these into your week for fitness that delights your kids — and your own inner child.

Fun Ways to Exercise: Dance Up a Storm

It doesn’t matter if you feel uncoordinated or rhythm-challenged. Dancing is a fine and fun way to exercise, and it appeals to family members of all ages. You could take a class together (in person or streaming on your laptop!), play an exer-game (we like Just Dance), or just freestyle to your own music.

Fun Ways to Exercise: Race for the Fun

There are so many fun run/walks for families to try, from community Turkey Trots all the way up to costumed marathons at Disney parks.

My family has done color runs, mud runs, and a glow race featuring glow-in-the-dark accessories and lighting. (That one was a school fundraiser!) These kinds of events are a great reward for a few months of walking or running training sessions.

Fun Ways to Exercise: Add Water

There's something irresistibly fun about water: Jumping in it, splashing in it, spraying it on an unsuspecting victim.

But working against water’s resistance is also good exercise, so go swimming together. For the occasional special treat, spend a day at a water park, where you'll get bonus exercise in the form of endless stair-climbing to reach the top of the slides.

Fun Ways to Exercise: Twist and Breathe

Can you guess what I'm suggesting? Yoga! It may seem very serious and philosophical, but it can also be fun. I mean, there are poses called "Superman," "Wild Thing," and "Dead Bug," along with all kinds of birds and animals, from Albatross to Scorpion. Plus, there are partner poses that you can do together. Look for a parent-child class, or create your own at-home class with an app or streaming service. Older kids may even be able to accompany parents to an aerial yoga class, where you practice while dangling from a huge silk hammock.

Fun Ways to Exercise: Explore Your World

Seeing new places and things makes physical activity fun and appealing. Whether you try out a new trail for a family hike, search for a challenging geocache, or visit an adventure park, you can combine the joy of discovery and nature with a good sweat.

Fun Ways to Exercise: Parents vs. Kids

This works best if your kids have a bit of a competitive streak (and can even help teach them how to be a good sport).

Try a game in which the parents challenge the kids, or vice versa; this is fun with just your immediate family, or with a group of neighbors, schoolmates, cousins, etc. The adults may be out of their comfort zones and the kids are usually super-motivated to WIN. You can play a team sport, like soccer or touch football, or any active party game, like a relay race or capture the flag. Or have a contest, like who's best at hula-hooping or dribbling a basketball.

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