Fun Winter Coloring Pages for Kids

girl coloring - winter coloring pages
Working on coloring pages can be a great activity for kids on a cold winter's day. Hero Images/Getty Images

When it’s blustery and cold outside, winter coloring pages can be the perfect fun activity for kids. What better way to get cozy and warm than to get creative with some pictures depicting scenes of winter fun? So make some hot cocoa and get the kids to settle down to work on some winter coloring pages. It can be a great way for kids to entertain themselves or it can be a fun activity you can do together as a family.

Raising Our Kids

This collection of winter coloring pages includes scenes of kids building snowmen, sledding, and ice skating. After coloring these pictures, your family may be inspired to go and do some other ​fun winter activities!


This site offers dozens of winter images, from snowflakes to ice skaters on a pond to snow-covered trees. The best part: The free printable drawings range from simple, such as an ice cream cone to intricate, such as beautifully-patterned snowflakes, making this site perfect for both young and older kids.

DLTK’s Coloring Pages

Igloos, hot chocolate, sleighs, polar bears, penguins, and many more winter-related images can be found in this collection of fun winter coloring pages. The biggest challenge will be trying to decide which winter pictures you want to print!

Coloring Pages for Kids

You’ll find snowmen, snowflakes, and fun winter scenes such as dogs playing in the snow and kids having snowball fights in this collection of winter coloring pages for kids.

Blue Bonkers

There aren’t as many winter coloring pages on this site as there are on some other sites, but the quality of the pictures is good. There are a number of fun winter images such as children sledding, people skiing, and lovely pictures such as a farmhouse in the snow or a boy ice fishing in a stream.


This site has a large assortment of unique winter coloring pages including animals in winter scenes (squirrels, deer, rabbits in snow). There are also pictures of figure skaters, families building snowmen, and other fun winter activities. You’ll also find some coloring pictures that are connect-the-dots -- perfect for kids who are learning their numbers and becoming more proficient at using pencils.

Activity Village for Kids

Kids will have lots of pretty scenes of winter to choose from on this site, from kids sledding to building a snowman, and more.

This fun site features something for every kid's interest, from hockey players to snowmen, to ice skaters. And scenes of sledding and snowball fights, of course!

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