Functional Baby Shower Gift Wrap

Baby shower gifts might be fun to buy and give, but I love the wrapping and presentation of the gift. This can mean a lot of things from some fancy bling on top to using something unusual to wrap the entire package in - usually something functional. If something is a large gift, consider giving it as a group gift with smaller items added inside as time and budget allows. This is a great idea as an office baby shower gift. Here are my ideas, be sure to add yours!

Boon Frog Pod Bath Scoop

Boon Frog Pod Scoop
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The Boon Frog Pod Bath Scoop is not only a great way to help you keep your bathroom organized when it comes to kid toys and accessories, but it makes a great way to package a baby shower gift. You can line the inside with the Sunday comics, tissue paper, even a brown bag - but it does have holes so you'll want to cover it up! Is the actual frog pod the gift itself? No problem, just stuff it for fun and tie a few bath toys to it with ribbon and call it a day. Buy from Amazon »

Spa Baby Tub

Spa Baby Tub
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Since the Spa Baby Tub is basically a large bucket, it's perfect for filling. You can add rubber ducks, like Boon's Odd Duck Collection, bathing products for baby like soaps, was cloths, hooded towel, etc. Don't forget to line the tub, as it is opaque. Again, you can use the gifts as a liner or you can add tissue paper for color or even a colorful wet bag. It might even be really neat to fill it with diapers, disposable or cloth. Buy from Amazon »

Hoohobber Moses Basket

Hoohobbers Moses Basket
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This Moses basket is a great gift. Given the fact this a pretty penny, it can be a great group gift. Another option, particularly for a blessingway, is that if people do bring some small, unwrapped gifts for baby, it makes a great way to collect those. Other ideas for filling it include diapers, sheet sets, baby towels, or maybe a nice night gown for mom to wear postpartum. Buy from Amazon »

SaraBear Diaper Caddy

Munchkin Sarabear Diaper Caddy
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I love the SaraBear Diaper Caddy, it's the perfect way to build a quick diaper changing station anywhere in the house. (Not to mention it's portable.) So it lends itself very nicely to be filled with baby items that one might need: diapers, wipes, diaper creams, etc. Or, if you're so minded, you could tun it into a very nice nursing mother gift basket and have items that will help moms with breastfeeding like nursing pads, water bottle, snacks, etc. Buy from Amazon »

Moby Wrap Baby Carrier

Moby Baby Carrier
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The Moby Wrap is a baby carrier that is basically a long thing of fabric. You can use this fabric to wrap your baby shower gift in a variety of ways. The obvious way is to simply use it like wrapping paper and wrap whatever you'd like, using tape and string to close it until it's opened. The second, and perhaps not so obvious way to use it as a gift wrap would be to unroll it and roll items inside. This could be a fun way to have a really special surprise gift inside or simply have coupons for mommy days off, help after baby, or even some gift certificates rolled up inside. Another way to wrap things inside without breaking the bank is to fill the inside with affirmations for the new mom. Buy from Amazon »

Large Diaper Bags

Kalencom Midi Coated Diaper Buckle Bag
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Large diaper bags are a great idea for that really useable wrapping for a baby shower present. There are lots of fun and inexpensive things that you can throw inside - think baby blankets, toys, bibs, wash clothes, etc. Add an attractive bow and it's a very nice package. If you have something smaller to pack, you can also use small diaper bags instead. More »

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